Keene State College’s Athletic Department is starting out the academic year with a new vision.

Director of Athletics and Recreation Dr. Kristene Kelly said she decided to evaluate her employees and place them in the positions where they can “really strive.”

The three staff changes within the department include former Sports Information Director (SID) Abe Osheyack, Assistant Track and Field and Cross Country Coach Nikolas Athanasopoulos and Assistant Sports Information Director Missy Kubik.

Jake Pacquin / Photo Editor

Jake Pacquin / Photo Editor

Both Athanasopoulos and Kubik are keeping their former titles, but are also taking on new ones.

Osheyack has been at KSC since January of 2014 and said he was initially hired as the SID.

However, he added when the athletic department underwent an administrative change in the summer of 2015, he took on the duties of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) compliance officer. For two years, according to Osheyack, he has been working as both, and this promotion only formalized that.

“I am now the assistant athletic director for sports information, compliance and operations,” Osheyack said.

“There is not a huge change in terms of responsibility.”

With his new title, Osheyack said he is responsible for overseeing three areas within the athletic department — the sports information, the compliance and the operations.

“If there is a big change in what I do, it’s more with the sports information side. In the last few years, I have been very hands-on, meaning I’ve been at every game, I have kept all the statistics, [I’ve] written all the recaps,” Osheyack said.

“The plan eventually is I will be doing less of that day-to-day work, and more just having the oversight of it and supervising the people who do do it.”

Osheyack said he hopes the changes in the staff brings a level of efficiency to the department that they may have been lacking in previous years.

Athanasopoulos has helped Osheyack with compliance this past year, and his initiatives toward this helped add to his current title of assistant track and field and cross country coach.

The new addition to his title, sports information assistant, takes over the day-to-day operations of sports information that Osheyack is trying to move away from.

“I really think we can all benefit from these changes. I hope to gain some good experience and promote athletics the way that I can,” Athanasopoulos said.

Osheyack, Athanasopoulos and Kubik have always worked closely together, and will continue to with these new titles.

Kubik will not only be continuing as assistant sports information director, but she will also be the equipment manager.

Before coming to KSC two years ago, Kubik had experience with managing equipment at Springfield College where she was previously employed, Osheyack said.

Kelly said Kubik had brought this up to her in conversation, which is where the idea sparked for Kubik to add equipment manager to her title.

“[Equipment management] is an area that we wanted to be able to enhance, so it seemed like a perfect fit for her,” Kelly said.

Kubik added that her responsibilities as assistant SID are basically the same, except for the entire department working on a social media initiative.

“We wanted to elevate everyone’s social media, so we’re trying to get all of our sports and everyone [in the department] on the same social media.

We’re just trying to have a similar, uniform social media so everyone is on the same platform,” Kubik said.

All three staff members agreed they have high hopes for the new year.

Kelly said making these decisions was all about “how to best utilize our resources and our manpower.”

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