With a new year comes a new season.

For sophomore and double athlete Erica Chareth, a transfer student from Assumption College, that means a whole new team and campus as well.

Chareth grew up in Amherst, New Hampshire, and started playing field hockey in seventh grade.

She started playing lacrosse in second grade and, since then, has been in love with both.

Jake Paquin / Photo Editor

Jake Paquin / Photo Editor

“When I first played, I played in seventh grade and I was playing on grass and I was like, ‘Wow, I could really like this.’ I could tell it was the start of something,” said Chareth.

Chareth is in the midst of her first season at Keene State College and is easing into field hockey.

“It’s just as intense as D[ivision] II was in my opinion. It’s still a very fast-paced game which is fun. It’s definitely different, but there are a lot of things that are the same. Physically, it’s just as challenging. I wouldn’t say D[ivision] III is any easier than D[ivision] II,” said Chareth.

As a double athlete, Chareth is facing more hard work, but her love for each sport drives her to succeed.

“I love both [lacrosse and field hockey],” Chareth said.

“I still haven’t been able to just choose one and focus on it because I like them both so much.”

Junior and fellow teammate in field hockey Julia Babbitt reflected on Chareth’s transfer into the field hockey team, saying,

“I think she’s doing great. When she first came in, she was super. Some people are shy, especially coming from being a sophomore and not knowing anyone. She was super eager to meet new people and become friends with us. I know she was definitely excited to be here and get fully emerged right away.”

Erica Stauffer, who is also a junior and fellow teammate in field hockey, said,

“Since she came from another school, she kind of knew what she was getting herself into, like pre-season. She helped the younger kids and really knew what to do and how to handle everything.”

Although the athletic aspect plays a key part in Chareth’s transfer, she also sees things from an academic perspective.

“I was looking for a little bit of a bigger school. It’s a little bit bigger, but like the perfect size. The nutrition program, that’s a big part of why I transferred and then I was looking for a school where I could handle the academics and continue to play both sports. Keene was perfect fit,” said Chareth.

With a younger set of players, the women’s field hockey team is facing a whole new dynamic.

“We had a strong group of seniors last year, so everything kinda bounced off of them. They were a huge part of our team. I think this year, we’re relying a lot on the freshman. There are three or four freshman/transfers starting, so we’re having to put trust in people we haven’t known long,” said Babbitt.

Stauffer, who mirrored Babbitt’s comments, said,

“We just started playing together, so it’s the transition and just trying to see how everyone plays and how we can work them into the way we were playing last year.”

Although the field hockey team is a young one, they still are aiming for full success.

“I think we definitely have a lot of field hockey talent; we’re all different, but we all love field hockey. We’re a fast team, we are open to change and we’re coachable,” said Chareth.

With much to look forward to, Chareth strives to do well in school and obtain her nutrition degree within three years, as well as play field hockey and lacrosse for her remaining time at Keene State.

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