The finances for student organizations at Keene State College are under more stringent guidelines for fiscal year 2018 (FY18).

Following the retirement of the Student Involvement Support Assistant Deborah Edwards, who was responsible for student organization finances, the Office of Student Involvement was required to divvy up Edwards’ previous responsibilities.

KSC Coordinator of Student Organizations and Activities Britany Gallagher said her fellow colleagues, along with herself, have needed to figure out a way to allow student organizations to continue thriving while also making the work manageable for all the employees within the Office of Student Involvement.

Being in her third academic year at KSC, Gallagher said this year, she has been able to find ways to improve the quality of the student organizations.

“In the absence of some people, it’s actually helped me learn a lot more a lot faster out of necessity, but it’s also a good thing because it’s allowing me to see gaps of information that are happening,” Gallagher said.

The goal for FY18 is to make sure all information related to student organizations is being consolidated, according to Gallagher, and the information is not only being kept by the different student organizations, but also being updated on a regular basis by the Office of Student Involvement.

Gallagher added there will likely be a new annual registration process starting in the spring semester to help with consolidation.

She said what she is currently working on is keeping all organizations and its members on the same page.

“One of the gaps that I’ve found in the last year or so is student leaders are not always communicating things to other members on their [executive board], or maybe they’re not communicating things to their advisers, so as much as I can prevent that from happening from the get-go, I want to be able to do that,” Gallagher said.

“Whenever issues or challenges come up throughout the year, it’s not just that one person on [editorial board] who has been given that information, it’s also the treasurer, that president or co-president, and it’s also all of the advisers, that way they can help to support each other as best as they can.”

Gallagher added the Office of Student Involvement is currently working with the Human Resource department in order to find a replacement for Edwards.

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