The Keene State College (KSC) Music Department hosted their last student recital series on Saturday, April 29.

The recital featured two juniors, Callie Carmosino, who played bassoon and flute, and Molly McCoy, who is a soprano singer.

While Carmosino began playing the flute in fourth grade, McCoy got involved with music later in life.

Alexandria Saurman / Managing Executive Editor

Alexandria Saurman / Managing Executive Editor

“This teacher that I had in middle school honestly, opened my eyes and you know like a teacher really makes all the difference when it comes to that sort of thing,” McCoy said.

During their first year of college at KSC, Carmosino and McCoy met in Contemporary Ensemble.

Years later, they decided to become recital partners.

Over the summer of 2016, Carmosino and McCoy selected their individual repertoires and have been practicing since.

“I emailed back and forth with my teacher over the summer and as soon as I had my final list, I purchased all the music and started practicing like in July,” Carmosino said.

The evening began with a three-part song from Carmosino on the bassoon.

Carmosino played “Bassoon Concerto in B-flat Major” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Alexandria Saurman / Managing Executive Editor

Alexandria Saurman / Managing Executive Editor

Following Carmosino‘s opening performance, McCoy sang three songs from the same musician, two of which were in German, and one of which was in Italian.

For the last song before intermission, Carmosino and McCoy collaborated together to perform Roger C. Vogel’s “Of Critic and Music.”

During intermission, first-year voice and music education Jayce Barone said that she loved the performance.

Barone, who knows them both through classes, said, “They both practice a lot so they definitely have improved a lot.”

The second set of the program entailed nine more songs, seven from Carmosino and two from McCoy.

After the two had taken a bow, they exited the stage, only to re-enter moments later.

For the encore, Carmosino and McCoy both sang a song from a musical they both love.

Alexandria Saurman / Managing Executive Editor

Alexandria Saurman / Managing Executive Editor

“We both were such avid fans of the musical ‘Wicked’…and it’s perfect because she [Carmosino] sings alto in chorus and I’m a soprano obviously,” McCoy said.

Although Carmosino and McCoy both believed the concert went well, there were some challenges they faced in the process.

“There was certain songs that are more challenging than any music I have ever tried to tackle before,” McCoy said.

As for Carmosino, she said the difficult part about the concert was “getting everything together,” such as arranging the program and the reception.

“I think the easiest part was going out on stage and playing all that music…,” Carmosino  said.

Overall, both musicians were happy with the recital.

“It was better than I ever dreamed. Like it just felt like a dream just going out on stage and playing and it was so much fun,” Carmosino said.

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