1967 was the year the first calculator was invented, “I Love Lucy” was in its prime and “Bonnie and Clyde” was a blockbuster.

However, in 1967, The Nature Conservancy of New Hampshire gifted Keene State College (KSC) a 400-acre plot of land called the Louis Cabot Preserve to use as an outdoor conservation laboratory.

At this time, KSC President Roman J. Zorn said this was the biggest single endowment the college had ever seen.

The Louis Cabot Preserve is a one and a half mile peninsula lying between the Nubansit and Spoonwood Lakes in the towns of Nelson and Hancock. This endowment was acquired by the Nature Conservancy in 1961 for $100,000.

This site was to be used for physical education,  as well as research for faculty and students for studies of soil, water, climate and others.

It was formally accepted and approved on March 18, 1967 by the board of trustees after President Zorn recommended the University of New Hampshire trustees accept the deed after faculty had studied the range of utilization.

Currently, on the KSC website, “Keene State College is fortunate to own 400 acres of pristine wilderness on Lake Nubanusit in the towns of Nelson and Hancock, NH; a quick 25 minute car ride from campus. This property, which sits on a peninsula surrounded by Lake Nubanusit and Spoonwood Pond, is called the Louis Cabot Preserve. The property was acquired by the College in the early 1960s from the Nature Conservancy of N.H… In the future, this land hopefully will become an outdoor learning laboratory for KSC classes. What a great get-away to enjoy a gorgeous N.H. day!”

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