Several upperclassmen students moved off campus this year, and for many of those students, it was their first time. Living in an apartment or house for the first time without parents can be exciting, but also nerve-racking. Many don’t realize the amount of time put into cleaning and maintaining the upkeep of their own home.

When renting a temporary home, everyone signs a lease with their landlord. Some read it word for word to catch any small details, while others brief it over and scribble their initials at the bottom of the page. Whether you have done one or the other, knowing important move-out information is key for a smooth transition to another place you will call home and ensuring you will receive your security deposit back.

Courtney Bethel / Equinox Staff

Courtney Bethel / Equinox Staff

Coordinator of Student and Community Relations Robin Picard is a resource for students on campus that have questions, concerns and need help when dealing with landlords in the area renting to college students.

Picard said students should make sure they are doing the simple things they agreed to in their lease that sometimes are overseen. This includes things like cleaning everything thoroughly, including appliances. Do not leave trash and unwanted items in your rented unit because the landlord will deduct money from your security deposit for their time and the cost of removing the items left behind.

Also, Picard mentioned to ensure students check their lease for things such as light bulbs. Some leases include that all light bulbs should be working properly or you can be charged a fee for each non-working light bulb; at times, this can amount to $10 per light bulb.

“Most landlords are pretty good about returning security deposits and must do so within 30 days. If they are going to deduct any amount, they must give the tenants an estimate or bill for any work and or damages. If students have damaged the unit, they shouldn’t just give up and discontinue to care for the property, as they can be taken to court for further damages,” Picard said.

She also continued that tenants on the lease should be consulting with each other when it comes to regarding the security deposit. If issues arise, it is best for all of the tenants to address the issues together, according to Picard.

Picard also mentioned how understanding the date of your move out is highly important. “Some leases are tricky in that even though you pay monthly rent, or installments all year, you cannot occupy the apartment for the entire year. Staying longer than your lease term can be very costly,” Picard said.

If anyone has further questions or concerns about moving out of their off-campus housing unit, you can contact The Office of Student and Community Relations at 603-358-2994.

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