For those interested in human rights, environmental issues, the previous election, or those who strive to be active in the community, the Arts and Activist event was held on Friday April 7.

This event was held at 2 p.m. in the Brown Room and was co-hosted by two of Keene State College’s (KSC) clubs; the KSC Activist Coalition, and the Keene Cannabis Coalition.

KSC senior Heather MacLennan is part of the Keene Cannabis Coalition and said she helped decide which clubs and groups were best to attend their event and make it the most successful it could be.

Samantha Moore / Art Director

Samantha Moore / Art Director

MacLennan said, “We really brainstormed and were like, ‘What’s going to help us bring to light a lot of the activists movements who are really huge in the news right now and also that can progress us as a campus community as well as the Cheshire County in general.’”

Walking around the Mabel Brown Room, one  would have found the Eco-Reps and Campus Ecology, who had stands for bettering the environment.

And with April being Sexual Assualt Month, there were also a couple stands giving out information on events happening throughout this month.

Each stand had an abundance of information, petitions, calendars with scheduled events, and some in addition had stickers, pins or candy.

KSC senior and president of the KSC Activists Coalition Maggie Mason helped put Arts and Activism together that evening.

Mason said that a lot of college students do not participate in getting involved because they do not think their voice matters.

She said, “I think stressing to students how easy it is to get involved on things that matter so much is so important.”

Along with music stuck in their head from the live show put on by local bands, students left the Mabel Brown Room with a better knowledge of what events are coming up on campus and off campus and also how they can be more involved.

Senior Jessica Boushie said that she found out and was interested in events that she had no idea about before dropping by.

Junior Emily Mathieu said, “People should go to more things like this on campus.”

The KSC Activist Coalition currently meets every Thursday in the Flag room of the Lloyd P. Young Student Center at 7:30 p.m.. The Keene Cannabis Coalition club meets in the science center in room 126 every Wednesday at 8 p.m..

There are numerous other events and opportunities to get involved on campus or in our community. Information about events on campus can be found at

Kiana Wright can be contacted at

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