Annual Greek Week at KSC

Fraternities and sororities celebrate the Greek community on campus

The annual Greek Week took place last week for the fraternity and sorority organizations on campus.

Activities ranged from the beginning parade, to games and nighttime acts that could make the room laugh. Between the combined eight fraternities and sororities on campus, they all had the chance to come together with their common passion of being a part of Greek life on Keene State College’s (KSC’s) campus.

Junior sociology major and Delta Phi Epsilon president Briannah Bellot said being apart of Greek life means the world to her.

Photo contributed by Sarah Young

Photo contributed by Sarah Young

“My favorite part of Greek Week is definitely Airband. Airband is an event where all fraternities and sororities plan a five to seven minute routine and showcase it to the Greek community in the Mabel Brown Room. It is so amazing to see all the hard work each organization puts into this event and it is so rewarding to be a part of that,” Bellot said.

With being apart of Greek life, Bellot said she has been able to grow as a person and create connections with members of the Greek community. She said, “I have found a support system through my organization and through the Greek community and that is so important to me. Joining Greek Life has truly bettered my college experience in ways I could’ve never imagined.”

Junior film production major and Delta Xi Phi sorority President Sarah Young said the purpose of Greek Week is to get all the Greek organizations together for fun and friendly competition. “It builds our community up and helps orgs get the opportunity to work together and get to know each other better,” Young said.

Young considers being apart of Greek life a “privilege,” to her. She said, “It means not only do I have my sisters behind me, but I have an entire community of brothers and sisters that want to see me succeed. It means I have the support to step out of my comfort zone and do things I never thought I could. It is because of my sisters that I am president of my organization and it is an opportunity that I will always be glad I was given.”

Junior dual major in elementary education and women’s and gender studies and Phi Sigma Sigma sorority President Christina Entwistle said Greek Week gives the community a chance to be able to just enjoy each other’s presence and have a little friendly competition doing so.

Photo contributed by Gianpaolo Colasacco

Photo contributed by Gianpaolo Colasacco

“It is the perfect opportunity to get to spend time with your own organization as well as the other Greek organizations on campus. It is the best week of the year and creates a positive impact on the relationships between each of the orgs by the amount of time that we get to spend together,” Entwistle said.

Entwistle said being apart of Greek life “truly means the world” to her.

She continued, “I have grown so much as a woman, as well as a leader, because of Greek life and the amazing people that I am surrounded by. I could not imagine my college career without Phi Sig, as well as the Greek community. Within this community, there are so many amazing people who push me to be the best version of myself and be the best president of my organization and I could never thank Greek life enough for the positive impact that it has made in my life.”

Entwistle and Young both agree with Bellot that Airband is the best part about Greek week.

Junior women’s and gender studies major and Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity president Gianpaolo Colasacco said his favorite part of Greek Week is seeing all his brothers all together at the events. He said, “I love Greek Week because it’s the one time of the year where everyone in the community comes together and is able to celebrate the accomplishments we complete all year.”

colton mccracken / equinox staff

colton mccracken / equinox staff

He continued by saying it’s fun for all the organizations to be together. “Also, no one is perfect and when we mess up in a game, everyone laughs and has a good time together. The week-long games bring everyone together and it’s like one big family reunion,” Colasacco said.

Colasacco considers Greek life to be an important part in his college experience. He said, “Greek life means brotherhood and sisterhood. It’s all about connection and lifelong relationships. Greek life means that you will always have each other’s backs with your own organization and others as well.”

Junior geography major and Sigma Pi fraternity president Timothy Peterson said Greek Week gives an opportunity for the community to come together and thrive as a whole.

“While the competitions are structured to put organizations against other organizations, by the end of the week, we’re all in it together and willing to help people not because of the letters on their shirt [if there are any at all], but just out of the hope that they will pass on that kindness. It is one of my favorite weeks of the year and there’s something new to love about it every time around,” Peterson said.

He considers the Greek community at KSC to go “above and beyond any other family or community that I have experienced at Keene, even though there are many other notable communities.”

colton mccracken / equinox staff

colton mccracken / equinox staff

Peterson continued, “It’s so far spread across so many disciplines that you’ll find it easy to make new friends anywhere and everywhere you go. There is a general trust and understanding across the community that isn’t available anywhere you go.”

Senior secondary education and history major Tau Kappa Epsilon, Lambda-Sigma Chapter, President Aaron Williams said he considers Greek Week to be essential to KSC and college campuses.

Williams said, “This week grants individuals the opportunity to meet new people through activities and competition. Although winning Greek Week is an awesome reward, it is not the only task on the agenda. For myself, I love this week because I am able to meet new faces and to build my network of friends and acquaintances. Above all, the purpose of Greek Week is to reinstate a sense of community in the fraternity and sorority life and to celebrate our active role as members in our organization.”

When Williams joined Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) in the fall of 2014, he said he knew he had joined something bigger than himself. “Since then, the opportunities that Greek life has offered me are monumental. My leadership skills have become refined, my confidence has been lifted and my understand of grit and perseverance has been redefined. TKE has perpetuated my potential for success and looking towards the future, I am confident that I will be able to overcome adversities because of my experience in Greek life,” Williams said.

Psi Upsilon and Phi Lambda Chi fraternity presidents were reached for comment and did not respond.

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