On Wednesday April 12, the Keene State College Theater and Dance Department will perform their 42nd “An Evening of Dance.”

This four-day event is directed by KSC Theater and Dance resident artist Marcia Murdock and features 10 original dances.

Doppelgänger Dance Collective (DDC), an outside dance duo, will perform “The Head or the Hair.” DDC performed at KSC on Thursday, March 30.

Three of the dances, “Because You Get There,”  “Phantom Spaces” and “It’s a Question” are choreographed by KSC Theater and Dance faculty Murdock, Contract Lecturer Cynthia McLaughlin and Lecturer Shaina Cantino, with her dancers, respectively.

In addition, KSC students senior Makayla Ferrick, senior Brittany Powers, junior Bethany Peterson, junior Emily Posner, junior Jennifer Riley and junior Amanda Untracht choreographed their own dances that will be performed during the event.

Two of the pieces, Ferrick’s “Boiled Frogs” and Peterson’s “ab origine,” were recently performed at the American College Dance Association (ACDA).

The event runs from Wednesday, April 12 to Saturday April 15 and begins at 7:30 p.m. each night in the Redfern’s Main Theatre.

Tickets are $5 for KSC students with a student ID and range from $5-$10 for others, per the Redfern’s website.

Alexandria Saurman can be contacted at asaurman@kscequinox.com

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