The Student Assembly meeting that took place on Tuesday, March 7 was headlined by a motion that will have a serious impact on student clubs and organizations.

Members of the meeting moved to freeze the creation of new student organizations for the remainder of the 2017 calendar year.

In the Student Assembly minutes, Student Assembly Secretary Kenadee Cadieux stated there are a large number of clubs that either have constitutions, don’t have updated constitutions or don’t have advisors.

The goal in freezing the creation of new clubs or organizations is to give those in charge time to collect accurate data regarding the current clubs and organizations.

This would mean that new organizations could not begin forming until January 2018, and requesting a budget soon after that.

Also discussed at the meeting was the possibility of letting graduating seniors decorate their graduation caps. This would be done in order for students to be able to express their individuality in a day where all students are dressed virtually the same.

“Since we’ve been at Keene we have been encouraged to express ourselves and find ourselves and now we can’t decorate our caps at commencement because everything needs to be the same,” said Student Body Vice President Danielle Cobleigh

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