The practice of Keene State College professors giving students an ‘AB’ may soon be over.

An e-mail detailing potential new changes for KSC was sent out by Academic Scheduler and Chair of the Academic Standards Committee Brendan Denehy on Monday, March 20.

For now, the school uses a system of A, AB, B, BC… and the committee is looking to potentially change it to the system of plus and minuses (A, A-, B+, B…). In the e-mail, Denehy said a survey was sent out “earlier this semester.”

In a phone interview, he clarified this survey went out to faculty and staff.

“We got feedback for students from Student Assembly,” he said. Denehy said as far as he knows, there’s no evidence out there that either model gives a higher or lower GPA.

In the e-mail, he stated the members of the Academic Standards Committee will be present to discuss this matter on both Wednesday, March 22 from 3 to 5 p.m. and Thursday, March 23 from 9 to 11 a.m. They will be located in the student center room 307. “This is a ‘drop in’ period; you are welcome to stop by and share your thoughts and to stay to listen to your colleagues,” he stated.

KSC sophomore Melissa Depew said she feels this potential new model could make things easier to understand.

“There was definitely some initial confusion coming here from high school where they have As and A minuses, but then ABs here,” she said. However, she said the current system is not that bad now that she understands it. According to Denehy’s e-mail, the College Senate expects to vote on this proposal at the April 5 meeting. However, he said, “If passed, it wouldn’t be in effect until fall 2018.

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