Time management in college can be difficult for some. Though everyone is here to get an education, several other things in life can distract you from getting academic work done. This can be just about anything, ranging from exercise, being on a sports team, going to social events, spending time with friends or a significant other, as well as something most of us are guilty of:  binge watching Netflix. Once you get the hang of being able to manage your time effectively to prevent stressing out about it, things can get a little easier.

Get a planner

Writing everything down has always been helpful to me personally. I always write down homework assignments in my daily planner. As I complete assignments, I cross them off my list, knowing they are done and always have a sense of relief from doing so. When a professor hands out a syllabus at the beginning of the semester, I make sure the dates of projects and exams are in my calendar. By doing this, I am able to be prepared for the short term and long term assignments given in my classes. This also prevents forgetting about anything that pulls a heavy weight on your grade.

Find the balance between personal time and academic time

If you spent all of your time going to classes and doing homework for them, you would most likely go insane. You can’t expect yourself to do academic work all the time. Everyone needs a brain break. Break up your homework and study time by doing something you enjoy. Maybe you go and get coffee with a friend, go to the gym or watch an episode of Netflix. Whatever it may be, give yourself that little break you deserve. It will help keep your stress down and even give your mind a reward for completing work.

Turn your technology off

Just about everyone is guilty of desiring to look at their phone, especially for a distraction. By turning your phone off or whatever piece of technology that distracts you the most, you’re more likely to get more work done. Taking a break from your phone will not only make you more productive, but it will also give you the needed break from social media. Many people spend much of their time glued to it and find that time slips away from them; I’ll admit I’m guilty of it.

Keep your work with you

I’m not saying you must carry your backpack with you at all times with your books and such, but keep a small piece of work with you. By doing this, if you find down time in your busy day, you might be able to get something done earlier than you planned. If you’re reading a novel for a class, by keeping it with you or in your purse, you might be able to sneak in a few pages between classes or while you’re waiting for a friend who is running late. This will also work well if you make flashcards on your phone. I use the Quizlet app and it has been very helpful because I can keep my study tools on me at all times, simply in my pocket!

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