1965 was the year gas was 31 cents per gallon, the soap opera “Days of our Lives” aired for the first time and this was also the year that the bill to have a state salary law for teachers was proposed.

On March 11, 1965 at Keene State College, House Bill 222 was proposed, which was an act to legislate a minimum salary for all teachers in New Hampshire.

This meant that New Hampshire would no longer be one of six states in the United States that did not have a salary law or provision.

Tim Smith / Photo Editor

Tim Smith / Photo Editor

Due to the low salary structures, there was a limited number of people who wanted to enter the professional world of teaching.

According to The Monadnock (The Equinox’s former name), John Barrett, a former teacher at Monadnock Regional High School, said part of the purpose of this bill would be to “attract competent young people into teaching profession and provide incentive for teachers to continue to serve in New Hampshire.”

As of January 21, 2016, the average salary for a teacher in the Keene School District is $54,710 according to New Hampshire Department of Education, Division of Program Support.

As a college, Keene State offers several different disciplines within the major including, elementary education, early childhood education and secondary education.

According to the Keene State College program page, it states that, “Building on the historical legacy of teacher preparation at Keene State College, the Education program mission is to prepare competent, reflective classroom teachers and other professional school personnel who utilize effective teaching practices and who create developmentally appropriate educational environments for diverse learners.”

There are many ties to the beginning of KSC and its education program due to the fact that KSC began as a teacher’s college.

The motto from the beginning of the teacher preparation program that began in 1909 was “Enter to learn, go forth to serve,” and has been the motto of KSC since.

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