In recent weeks, teams in New England have seen many triumphs, challenges, changes and even some shocking events. This has led fans to sigh with relief, shake their heads and clap their hands.

New England Patriots 

The New England Patriots just won their fifth Super Bowl, and quarterback Tom Brady is setting records at almost 40 years old.

Super Bowl LI was the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history and under Head Coach Bill Belichick’s reign and Brady’s leadership, this may not be the last championship before Brady retires.

Boston Celtics

The 2016-2017 Boston Celtics are looking pretty strong with three-year Head Coach Brad Stevens.

The Celtics have been finding their stride in the past two years after Stevens was able to get his feet wet in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Prior to coaching in the NBA, Stevens was the head coach of Butler University for four years.

This season, the Celtics are currently 35-19 and first in the Atlantic Division, and have gone .500 in their last four games. Being in playoff contention, his fourth year as an NBA coach is pretty remarkable, and the Celtics have not won the NBA Finals since 2008.

Stevens was named the Eastern Conference All-Star Game head coach for the second best record in the East.

Boston Bruins

The Boston Bruins just recently fired Head Coach Claude Julien and appointed Assistant Coach and former Providence Bruins’ coach as interim coach of Boston Bruce Cassidy.

Julien joined the Bruins in 2007 and brought home the Stanley Cup to Boston in 2011, the Bruins first championship since 1972.

The cowardly firing of Julien happened the day after the Patriots won the Super Bowl and a press conference was held during the championship parade.

Since Julien’s firing, the Bruins have gone 3-0, which gives hope for the rest of the season, despite the unforeseen and rather abrupt termination.

Boston Red Sox 

Some new changes have come for the Red Sox recently, including a new ace and a slimmer more agile Pablo Sandoval; with Spring Training right around the corner, it will hopefully give some indication of how this 2017 squad will be.

Along with these new changes, a challenge for Manager John Farrell has risen as well.

Farrell has a lot to prove within Spring Training and the upcoming season, after failing to make playoffs and keep his team in contention when they do make it.

The biggest question with Sale would be if he can succeed in his first season with the Red Sox, because it seems that some pitchers tend to have a rough beginning coming off of a strong season with their former teams.

Sale is joining the Red Sox from the Chicago White Sox, but according to the Boston Herald, he recently has said, “It’s the same game no matter what uniform you’re in,” giving some hope for the 2017 season.

Despite all of the challenges and the triumphs, 2016-17 has been an exciting time in New England and the new changes may give way to an exciting year in New England sports.

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