It’s that time of year again, where you walk into any store and see candy, decorations and many signs promoting “Valentine’s Day” all over the place.

Many can say they hate the holiday,  love it or simply don’t care. According to CNN, on average, a person will spend $130 for Valentine’s day.

KSC student Leah Gokey explained that it doesn’t bother her when she walks into a store and sees decorations all over the place. “It really doesn’t affect me as much, but I can see how people can get bothered by it because all the decorations are just overrated at times,” she said.

Others who aren’t in a relationship said different. Gokey stated she is spending this Valentine’s day with her friends. “I’m going to see Fifty Shades Darker with a bunch of my girlfriends,” she said. Gokey explained how she felt about this holiday. “Modern day Valentine’s Day is taken a little too far now,” she said.

Andrea Cuzzupe / Equinox Staff

Andrea Cuzzupe / Equinox Staff

According to ProFlowers, it reported that in the year 2010, 198 billion flowers were produced just for this holiday. There was also a consumer survey done by American Express and it concluded that six million people were expected to be proposed to on Valentine’s Day back in 2013.

KSC student Nicole Wojtowicz explained that this day is just another day for her. “Honestly, Valentine’s day is just another day for me. Even when I was in a relationship, I never cared,” she said.

Couples on Valentine’s Day will get all dolled up and go out to dinner or the movies, but how about the couples who have been dating for a long time? KSC student Alexandra Figueroa, who has been with her boyfriend for almost four years, stated since they’ve been dating for so long, they are both comfortable not celebrating Valentine’s Day the day of. “We’re going to spend Valentine’s day later and we’re going to combine it with our anniversary. Because we have been dating for so long, we feel comfortable doing something like this,” she said.

Figueroa explained that she enjoys the little things. “Because we have been together for so long, things are just comfortable and I’m not disappointed in doing the simple things. I think that’s a big thing that happens when you are with someone for so long,” she said.

Wojtowicz stated that when she was in a relationship, she hated going all out for it. “I hate those people who go all out for this day, I feel that you don’t need a day to show off somebody you care for. I just appreciated the simpler things,” she said. Figueroa and her boyfriend have two different views about Valentine’s Day. She explained her boyfriend doesn’t care about this day as much as she does. “This holiday has never been a big thing for him because he thinks it’s just another day to go out on a date, and he thinks society has made it into something it’s not, but for me, I always get excited,” she said.

Valentine’s Day can be just another day for some and can be a day for others to go all out for their significant other.

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