Coming soon to the Keene community is Keene Confections, a café and bakery expected to open in early February on West Street.

Right now, the barren shop is closed for renovations, but spring is a sign for new things to come. Soon, their doors will be open for business and people will be able to eat delicious treats in the outdoor seating area.

Their menu offers a variety of baked goods that’ll make hungry college students come running. This includes muffins, scones, biscuits and buns for sweet breakfast options, pies and cakes for dessert and an endless pastry list of custards, puddings, trifles and loaves.

Samantha Moore / Art Director

Samantha Moore / Art Director

The café will provide breakfast and lunch options like stromboli, quiche, salad cones and coffee. A salad cone is basically a salad inside a crouton cone. In addition decadent options such as Belgium waffles, ice cream and hand-dipped chocolate will be on the menu.

Store owner Victoria Azif, told the Keene Sentinel that the menu is expected to change seasonally and by customer demand. Their café and bakery values personal requests made by customers- to stock more of their favorite menu items.

KSC first-year Taylor Lindquist said that since she is unemployed right now, perhaps this is a place she can apply to. “A bakery sounds like a fun place to work,” she said. Many other students find themselves in the same position scouting for jobs around town when they can’t get employed on campus. Since Keene State College is conveniently surrounded by small shops and cafés, students can easily find alternative places to work within walking distance.

KSC sophomore Connor Page said, “I’ll be excited to go. I get sick of seeing the same food on campus after a while. Having more options is always nice.”

Another KSC student Karli Sou said, “It’d be great if they offered a student discount. Definitely more people would go then.” Sou said some stores have already adopted that idea. Along Main Street, some shops offer coupons or a discount to students when they bring their ID. Perhaps, this could be recommended to Azif once Keene Confections officially opens.

Azif could not be reached for an interview on her store opening, but as it seems, KSC students are positively looking forward to it.

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