In order to afford the costs of college, many KSC students work at Keene’s supermarkets during their time in school.

According to Michael Luciano, the Assistant Store Manager of Store 64 in Swanzey,  there is a bright future for KSC students at Market Basket. Since the store opened nearly 6 and a half years ago on May 6,  there are anywhere between 20-30 KSC students working at Market Basket throughout the school year.

Looking for work is not always the easiest task in the world. According to Luciano, Market Basket has over 77 stores, giving students the opportunity to have a job during the school year.

Nathan Richards, a senior at KSC majoring in occupational health and safety said great customer service is what separates Market Basket from other stores in the area. “I started working at Market Basket at age 14 and transferred to Swanzey to make money during school in order to help pay for clothes, books, and groceries,” said Richards. When asked how many KSC students Richards has worked with at a time he replied with “around 10 workers and a lot [who shop].”

Tim Smith / Photo Editor

Tim Smith / Photo Editor

KSC architecture major Nick Speidel is one student who moved off campus after his first and sophomore year.

Moving off campus not only means new responsibilities but new walking distances. For Speidel, the new distance to the Dining Commons can be a bit much. “The biggest adjustment since moving off campus would have to be not being as close to the Dining Commons and having to go buy groceries, and cook them,” said Speidel. When asked how other grocery stores, Price Chopper and Hannaford’s compare to Market Basket, Speidel acknowledged that he never noticed any KSC students working at either store. Speidel continues to shop at Market Basket for his convenience and an “unreal selection and location.”

With just over 4,000 students attending KSC as of 2015, Market Basket is not the only supermarket benefiting from KSC students.

When asked how KSC students impact Hannaford supermarket in Keene, NH, the Assistant Store Manager Paul Desmaris declined to comment. After being referred to corporate by Desmaris, Price Chopper Front end supervisor, Phill Jordan said Price Chopper benefits from “multiple colleges” and not just KSC in particular. According to Jordan, around 5-10 employees of Price Chopper attend KSC.

After speaking with Luciano, one would believe KSC students are a desired worker to have. According to Mr. Luciano, the relationship between KSC and Market Basket is “mutually beneficial, dependable and successful.” As long as KSC students are going to college in Keene there will be jobs to fill. Market Basket has certainly been doing its job over the past 6 and a half years by giving KSC students a place to work. When asked how Luciano sees the future between Market Basket and KSC he replied with “going well into the future without a doubt.”

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