Students in Morrison Hall were interrupted from their studies when the fire alarms went off due to a weird chemical smell on Monday evening, Dec. 12. Students were then evacuated from the building in order for emergency personnel to investigate a possible chemical leak in the building.

Justin Mahan / Equinox Staff

Justin Mahan / Equinox Staff

“I didn’t really smell anything,” said KSC senior Taylor Trifero. “We were just sitting there studying and then the fire alarms went off.”

Campus Safety Officer Michael Gomez responded to the scene when Campus Safety was notified of the Keene Fire Department arrival to campus. “The fire department took a reading of the whole building with their meter,” said Gomez. “And nothing tripped their sensors.”

“Nothing smelled weird,” said KSC Senior Lauren Sawyer. “And nothing sounded weird except for the alarms.”

After about 30 minutes of waiting, the building was cleared and the students were able to get back to their studies.

Campus Safety was reached out to, but unavaible for further comment because of deadline.

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