Donald Trump elected as next United States President

A divided America went out and voted Tuesday, Nov. 8, and each vote truly did count during this presidential election. Winning by a difference of 58 electoral votes and 29 states when his opponent, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, conceded, Donald Trump was elected as the next President of the United States.

File Photo / Tim Smith

File Photo / Tim Smith

A close battle between Clinton, the Democratic nominee, and Republican nominee Donald Trump occured throughout the night, with Clinton finally conceding to Trump once he passed his 270th electoral vote required for victory.

The LA Times reported Tuesday night that Trump gained a majority of votes from the non-college educated, blue-collar white citizens, which have been a large support group for him throughout his campaign. Clinton’s votes were mainly from counties where at least 45 percent of the population were people of color, according to the Associated Press.

The Republican Party as a whole won the US House and Senate, and a majority of those elected in New Hampshire were as well. Chris Sununu (R) has been elected New Hampshire’s governor, while Congresswoman Ann Kuster was elected for District 2 in the House. Results for Senate between Senator Kelly Ayotte (R) and Governor Maggie Hassan (D) were not released before The Equinox’s publication deadline.

According to the LA Times, “The central story of the night was not Clinton’s weakness so much as Trump’s strength and the ardent support he inspired among voters who stood with him despite a campaign full of tribulations, many self-inflicted.”

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