The Improv Club’s president, KSC senior Pat O’Donnell, celebrated his last performance Saturday night in Huntress Hall.

3 Ways Til Sunday is Keene State’s improv club on campus, and O’Donnell has been a member since his first  year at KSC. This semester, the group focused on long-form comedy to focus on strengthening their scene work. KSC senior Brendan Callery says the group had been working toward the goal of only performing long-form for three years now.

O’Donnell said that it took him a while to open up and be comfortable performing improv. “I’ve always loved comedy and I heard about it (the club) my first week of school. I was too intimidated as a f[irst year] and only went once or twice, but I went back sophomore year and made it on the team.”

Not only did he make it on the team, but a year and a half later he became the club president.

KSC senior Jessica Chapman said she hopes that even in the loss of a friend and team member, the group will continue with the same style it has always had. “I hope the group maintains the same leadership style so that we can keep the family-like feeling I get when we rehearse and perform.”

O’Donnell said he is confident about the team’s future success moving forward. “I feel like we laid the groundwork not only for learning improv, but for an attitude that one should have. A lot of the time I remind everyone, ‘this is just a college improv team.’ Taking all that pressure away helps the team in so many ways; it puts fun above all else, and I feel like if I can leave anything with the team, it’s that.”

3 Ways Til Sunday has performed all over campus this semester, including the Night Owl Café, Holloway Hall, Carle Hall and the LLC. The group has expanded as two new members have recently been added.

Elections for e-board positions will be held before the end of this semester. Anyone can go to the open improv nights on Monday nights at 10:00 p.m. in the lobby of the Redfern Arts Center.

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