Students and Educators Have A lot at Stake in This Election.

From President to State Legislators, it matters that students and educators vote in New Hampshire’s November 8th general election.  A vote for a Democratic candidate is a vote for better funding for schools, for reducing the price of higher education, and for forgiving and reducing repayment rates on college loans.

These aren’t just campaign rhetoric.  Democratic candidates act on their belief that opportunity begins with a fair playing field, that you build an economy from the middle out because then everyone can participate more equally and that if you make more money, you should pay more taxes.

Hillary Clinton is a steadfast advocate for children’s opportunities for learning, and for family support of children.  Look at her letter to KSC from 1996 that hangs in Rhodes Hall.  Clinton has demonstrated the values and temperament to be President on day one and has earned my support to be President.

Maggie Hassan believes that an educated workforce is a necessity to an innovative economy.

Look at her record as NH’s Governor and how she worked with the legislature to freeze in-state tuition at public colleges and universities.  Hassan has earned my support to be US Senator.

Annie Kuster proposed legislation to enable college students to refinance their student loans at market rates.

It was Republican’s in Congress who set government sponsored student loan repayment rates to make a profit to fund other government spending.  Kuster has earned my support to be reelected as US Congresswomen from our District.

Colin Van Ostern believes we need to retain more NH high school and NH college graduates in NH.

That is how to keep an economy vibrant. Van Ostern has earned my support to be NH’s next Governor.

I am proposing to offer a NH College Graduate Retention Incentive Program so each graduate who finds employment in NH after college graduation receives a bonus incentive to stay in NH.

It is crucial that we build NH’s pipeline from education into the labor force to keep jobs and young people in the state.

You don’t hear these proposals from Republican opponents because educational opportunity for all is not a priority for them.

Use your vote as your voice on November 8th.  Vote for your interests and make a difference.

Jay Kahn

Democratic State 

Senate Candidate

NH District 10, 

Keene and 14 surrounding towns.

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