The past week has been an emotional roller coaster for many in this nation. With the results of Tuesday’s election, there has been almost a hush over the KSC campus.

I have heard from a few students that the mood across campus seemed as though someone had died the last few days. Across the country since the eve of the election thousands have participated in anti-Trump protests.

Personally, I was deeply disappointed in how the first presidential election I could actually vote in turned out. It scares me, not only because the candidate who is now the elected president spent his campaign emitting a severely racist, islamophobic and misogynistic rhetoric to the nation and the other under federal investigation, but also because of the fear and deep divide I see.

Social media platforms are a war ground, with threats and name-calling regardless of who you voted for. People are tweeting #NotMyPresident and #DumpTrump.

I am almost less afraid of what Trump will bring to the table and more afraid of his supporters and the fact that racists, misogynists and homophobes are being emboldened into thinking that acting out on their hateful beliefs is now okay..  I have seen friends who are truly scared for their futures or their families, who in the wake of the election have already faced discrimination.

I have seen boys on social media proclaim how they can’t wait to do what they want with women because it is “Trump’s America now.” People are scared.

Not everyone who voted or supported Trump is a sexist or  racist person, which is something to bare in mind.

Insults don’t work anymore; we need to encourage discussion and debate now more than ever. Complaining won’t work; we need to actively do something if we want change.

All in all, at the end of the day, whether we like it or not, Donald Trump is the President-elect.  I see no point in blaming people and staying further divided.

Instead of pointing fingers at who’s fault it is that the election came out this way, I think we need to come together, especially those who aren’t happy with the results of the election.

If anything, this could be a catalyst for change, maybe not just in the ways we fear. We need to make sure we are still pushing for change by protecting our women and their autonomy over their bodies, protecting the LGBTQ+ community, protecting people of color and protecting Muslim Americans.

We need to not give up on the country and continue to try to actively stay involved in its future.

America is a country made up of a melting pot of races, ethnicities, and religions. To speak against that is to speak against what this country stands for.

Continue to stand for your fellow citizens now more than ever. Do not let the system divide us even more. Stay active, stay educated and continue to make your opinions heard. The world is still spinning; this is not the end and the nation will persevere.

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