If you have reasons to believe that your roommates are stealing from you, don’t beat around the bush. Confront your roommate immediately.

You don’t necessarily have to accuse them of stealing from you, but mention something along the lines of, “I can’t find my watch, have you seen it?”

Just because you are suspicious doesn’t mean you have the right to go through their stuff, but keep an eye out when you’re around them.

If it becomes more obvious that they are indeed stealing from you, tell someone else, such as your RA.

Always lock your room when you are not there and place valuables in specific places so you’ll notice if they are moved.

Try setting boundaries with your roommates,

There is no problem with sharing your things with them.

Let them know that they can use your stuff as long as they ask, that way they might be less apt to take something of yours behind your back.

Good luck!

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