In the aftermath of the election, many members of our community feel directly threatened by the president-elect’s campaign rhetoric, the individuals Mr. Trump has chosen to serve in his administration thus far, and the increase in hate crimes across the country directed toward African-Americans, Latinos, Jews, women, immigrants, Muslims, Native Americans, and members of the LGBTQ community.

Keene State College is committed to civility, diversity, and respect as well as social justice and equity in our community and in our curriculum. As faculty at Keene State, we are committed to a defense of these values.

Every member of our community – students, faculty, staff – is valued and respected. We will never stand by and permit anyone in our community to be devalued, belittled, threatened or silenced.

In 1933, professors at German universities too often stood by and did nothing to shield the vulnerable members of their communities from the onslaught of hatred and violence (and some, sadly, even aided the regime in the implementation of its policies). We may, perhaps, hope for the best from the new administration, but we are prepared to steadfastly resist any efforts to violate human rights and dignity. We, too, believe in the need for unity in our country, but a unity based on the recognition of and respect for inalienable human rights – not false “unity” grounded in racist, sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic nationalism. The cost of such false unity is the degradation of a wide range of people, including women, members of the LGBTQ community, and individuals of varied religions, races, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds, and people with disabilities; it is paid for with the passive silence of people who enjoy privileged status in our society. This collective dehumanization has all too often been the precursor to crimes against humanity. As scholars we have a professional responsibility to point out the growth of these disturbing forces in our society, and as human beings we have a moral obligation to resist them.

Keene State College is also deeply committed to learning, cultural enrichment, and the free exchange of ideas. We have chosen our vocation because of our belief in the importance of free and open discourse and the unfettered pursuit of knowledge and understanding. The principle of academic freedom, for all members of our community, is both an expression of our commitment to civic freedom and equality and a guarantor of it. All voices deserve to be heard and respected, even those that say things with which we do not agree. It is our responsibility as scholars and educators to model and facilitate conversations that respectfully include diverse perspectives.

In order for learning to happen, all members of our community must have access to safe spaces where they feel challenged to think in new ways and are supported in their work. We will defend their right to these safe spaces and resist any efforts to encroach on them on our campus and in our wider communities.

We, the undersigned faculty at Keene State College, pledge to call out all forms of discrimination, bullying, and intimidation.

We are committed to maintaining a peaceful community that values diverse viewpoints, that encourages respectful dialogue, and that emboldens all of its citizens to thrive within a framework of openness and acceptance.

Melanie Adams, Assistant Professor of Human Performance and Movement Sciences

Brian Anderson, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Michael Antonucci, Associate Professor American Studies

Lynn Arnold, Lecturer – Health Science

Luke Baker, Lecturer – Music

Don Baldini, Resident Artist – Music

Dottie Bauer, Professor of Education

Stephen Bigaj, Professor of Education

Deborah Black, Professor of Education

Timothy Bollinger, Lecturer – Safety and Occupational Health Applied Sciences

Gary Bonitatibus, Professor of Psychology

Christopher Brehme, Associate Professor of Geography

Jeannie-Marie Brown, Assistant Professor of Theatre and Dance

Rebecca Brown, Associate Professor of Health Science

Christine Burke, Director of Center for Health and Wellness

Karen Cangiolosi, Professor of Biology

Brinda Charry, Professor of English

James Chesebrough, Associate Professor of Music

Deb Cotley, Assistant Director, Center for Health and Wellness

Karen Couture, Associate Professor of Psychology

Mar Crawford, Lecturer – Art

Matthew Crocker, Professor of History

Pru Cuper, Professor of Education

Sasha Davis, Assistant Professor of Geography

Amber Davisson, Assistant Professor of communication and Philosophy

Jo Dery, Assistant Professor of Film

Fitni Destani, Associate Professor of Human Performance and Movement Sciences

Lisa DiGiovanni, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages and Cultures/Women’s and Gender Studies

Patrick Dolenc, Professor of Economics

Deborah Doubleday, Lecturer – Communication and Philosophy

Betsy Dubois, Lecturer – Education

Becky Dunn, Professor of Health Science

Thomas Durnford, Professor of Modern Languages and Cultures

Nashla Feres, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Harlan Fichtenholtz, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Molly Fletcher, Lecturer – Art

Jeffrey Friedman, Contract Lecturer – English

Renate Gebauer, Professor of Environmental Studies

Glenn Geiser-Getz, Associate Provost

Nicholas Germana, Associate Professor of History

Saran Ghatak, Professor of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice

Rosemary Gianno, Professor of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice

Heather Gigliello, Lecturer – English

Heather Gilligan, Associate Professor of Music

Jonathan Gitelson, Associate Professor of Art

Elaine Broad Ginsberg, Lecturer – Music

Patricia Pedroza Gonzalez, Associate Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies/American Studies

Peter Graboski, Lecturer – Modern Languages and Cultures

Ashley Greene, Assistant Professor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Barbara Hamel, Associate Registrar

Cynthia Hays, Associate Professor of Biology

Stephen Hawes, Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Cultures

Wayne Hartz, Associate Professor of Safety and Health Applied Sciences

Margaret Henning, Associate Professor of Health Science

Amanda Hickey, Instructor – Health Science

Roland Higgins, Professor of East Asian History and Global Studies

Jayme Hines, Assistant Professor of Education

Randall Hoyt, Associate Professor of Graphic Design

Sandra Howard, Associate Professor of Music

Taneem Husain, Assistant Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies

Jamie Ingalls, Assistant Clinical Professor of Safety and Occupational Health Applied Sciences

Kathleen Johnson, Associate Professor of Management

Ockle Johnson, Professor of Mathematics

Karrie Kalich, Dean of Professional and Graduate Studies

Elliot Kaplan, Lecturer – Chemistry

Carolyn Keller, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice

Hank Knight, Director of Cohen Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Gregory Knouff, Professor of History

Robert Kostick, Associate Professor of Art

Jim Kraly, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Rebecca Krause-Hardie, Lecturer – Music

Jamie Landau, Associate Professor of Communication and Philosophy

Lauren Launen, Professor of Biology

Timothy L’Ecuyer, Teaching Lecturer – Theatre and Dance

Richard Lebeaux, Professor of English and American Studies

Sander Lee, Professor of Communication and Philosophy

Matthew Leese, Lecturer – Music

Carol Leger, Lecturer – Geology

José Lezcano, Professor of Music

Craig Lindsay, Skills Application Teacher/Technical Director – Department of Theatre and Dance

Judy Lister, Professor of Education

Mark Long, Professor of English

Stephen Lucey, Associate Professor of Art

John Lund, Lecturer – History

Phylis Manning, Lecturer – Human Performance and Movement Sciences

Anne-Marie Mallon, Professor of English

Rodger Martin, Lecturer – Journalism, Multimedia and Public Relations

Michael McCarthy, Lecturer – Communication and Philosophy

Sarah McGregor, Assistant Professor of Physics

Paul McMullan, Associate Professor of Art

Susan Menees, Professor of Psychology

Deborah Merchant, Associate Professor of Education

William McColloch, Assistant Professor of Economics

Emily McGill-Rutherford, Assistant Professor of Communication and Philosophy

Cynthia McLaughlin, Contract Lecturer – Theatre and Dance

Niall Moran, Associate Professor of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice

Ellen Moynihan, Lecturer – English

Allyson Mount, Associate Professor of Communication and Philosophy

Jo Beth Mullens, Professor of Geography

Patrick O’Brien, Associate Professor – Mason Library

Elizabeth Pacilio, Lecturer – English

Donna Paley, Professor of Architecture

Alison Pantesco, Contract Lecturer – Modern Languages and Cultures

Peggie Partello, Associate Professor of Communication and Philosophy

Nancy Farsted Peck, Assistant Professor of Education

Jason Pellettieri, Associate Professor of Biology

Celine Perron, Professor of Theatre and Dance

Edward Pokras, Lecturer – Geology and Physics

Rafael Ponce-Cordero, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages and Cultures

Emily Porschitz, Associate Professor of Management

Laura Premack, Assistant Professor of History

Daniel Prindle, Lecturer – Music

Celia Rabinowitz, Dean of Mason Library

Ann Rancourt, Clinical Professor of Education

Kristen Reilly, Lecturer – Health Science

John Roberts, Professor of Art

Katharina Rooney, Lecturer – Art

Marianne Salcetti, Assistant Professor of Journalism, Multimedia and Public Relations

Kirsti Sandy, Professor of English

Karen Seaver, Lecturer – Environmental Studies

Leaf Seligman, Lecturer – English

Kimberly Schmidl-Gagne, Program Manager for Diversity and Multiculturalism Initiatives

Tatian Schreiber, Lecturer – English

Anna Schur, Professor of English

Jonathan Schwartz, Associate Professor of Film

Emily Robins Sharpe, Assistant Professor of English

Ann Shelton, Lecturer – Art

Therese Seibert, Professor of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice

Margaret Smith, Professor of Health Science

Karen Stanish, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Scott Strong, Associate Professor of Biology

William Stroup, Professor of English

John Sturtz, Assistant Professor of Education

Marin Sullivan, Assistant Professor of Art

Craig Sylvern, Professor of Music

Robert Tiebout, Lecturer – Mathematics

Paul Vincent, Professor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Donna Viveiros, Professor of Psychology

Susan Wade, Associate Professor of History

Michael Wakefield, Lecturer – Journalism, Multimedia and Public Relations

Jim Waller, Cohen Professor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Margaret Walsh, Assistant Dean – School of Sciences and Social Sciences

Graham Warder, Associate Professor of History

Larry Welkowitz, Professor of Psychology

David White, Professor of Education

Ted White, Lecturer – Film

George Whittemore, Lecturer – Physics

Anne Wiley, Lecturer – Women’s and Gender Studies

Patricia Wilson, Lecturer – Theatre and Dance

Janet Youga, Professor of English

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