The Student Assembly meeting this week featured a $725 budget request from KSC republicans, as well as votes from the board for open positions needing to be filled on the staff.

The meeting opened with a budget request from the President of Keene State Republicans Hunter Cinq-Mars.

The president of the club explained how the group has been making an effort to hold multiple events on campus to spread their messages, as well as working on bringing candidates such as Senator Kelly Ayotte to campus.

The original budget request filed from the group came in at a total of $1,550.

After a meeting with the finance committee this total was dropped down and the request recommended for the group from the committee came to a total of $725.

After the new budget request was presented to the board, the staff presented a new budget recommendation after further analysis of the group’s needs. This total added up to $800 and was broken down as follows: General Supplies: $100, Food: $100, Printing: $20, Professional Services: $480, and Travel: $100 for the final budget totaling out at $800.  

After this total was presented the board voted to accept the budget request for $800 from KSC Republicans.

To wrap the assembly up, five new board members were elected. These new members elected to the board included: Courtney Sheehy: Class of 2019 Rep., Casey Sault: Class of 2018 Treasurer, Emma Hamilton Class of 2018 Secretary, Joseph Campbell: Non-Traditional Student Rep., Matthew Terry: Non-Traditional Student Rep.     

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