Dear first-years,

I get it. I really do. You are new here and still getting your bearings, trying to find your way during the first year of this new adventure.

I remember my first year i was so full of enthusiasm, going to class on time and making new friends, the gleam was still in my eyes. Those where good times.

First years are great, they carry with them the enthusiasm that most of us upperclassmen have lost when reality keeps kicking us in the gut. With that being said, I will never support the fact that you guys get to register before seniors.

I know that your first year is a very intense time and you all are trying to schedule yourselves in a way so you can graduate in that four year time frame that is expected of us.

For me though, I only need four classes- that’s it. Four. All of those years of planning and studying culminate into only four classes left between my life at KSC and the real world. On top of that those four classes are four incredibly specific classes that i really need.

Samantha Moore/Arts Director

Samantha Moore/Arts Director

First-years you have so much flexibility in what you do and what you learn, Many of you haven’t even picked your majors yet.

For me, I am stuck with my decisions and really need these four classes, and I don’t appreciate the ulcers i get from not registering for classes first.

You have so much time left at Keene State to make up a class you miss, but for seniors missing one class, that means we may have to extend our education two more semesters.

Look, in three years when you are in my situation, I know you will feel the exact same way as I do, so please take one for the team and understand our old person frustrations. You can’t lose and are guaranteed to be okay , at the very least, you need to fill basic electives. For me, and the other seniors, so much rides on the classes we need.

Anyway, I  hope you all have a good year and realize that if I don’t get that one upper level ISP That I need, you will see me sobbing on the quad eating tubs of cookies and cream ice cream.

Love you,

Paul Lucas

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