Sunday Oct. 24 was just another average Sunday for football fans as the New England Patriots rolled through the Steel City for the third game of the Reunion Tour in a matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Pats proved too much for second-string quarterback Landry Jones, while Ben Roethlisberger was out after having undergone left knee surgery. I still hate that I even had to see his face on the sideline though. I could do without that guy for the rest of existence in the National Football League (NFL).

Week seven proved to be a relatively easy one for New England as they won their third game in a row with a 27-16 win over Pittsburgh.

Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the entire Pats team came to play and came to win, now 3-0 on the road.

Brady threw for 222 passing yards, completed 19-26 passes and two touchdowns, one of them being to Rob Gronkowski and caught all four passes from his quarterback. We were lucky enough to witness some chemistry between the quarterback and the tight end once again.

Gronk was able to play from the beginning of the game on, and this helped the Patriots do what they are meant to do: win. Gronk is a beast and we all know that, but he just put himself even higher up on the list when he recorded touchdown number 68, tieing Stanley Morgan, a former NFL wide receiver, for the franchise record.

Stephen Gostkowski, however, wasn’t looking quite as chipper this game and this season has been quite shaky for him in general. Whenever he decides to stop playing poorly, that would make me and all Pats fans happy. What happened to the guy who never missed a field goal?

The first half for the offense started off a bit unsteady, but LeGarrette Blount calmed the offense down a bit and led the team with 127 rushing yards, more than double of last week’s 50 against Cincinnati.

Despite the slightly unsteady first-half offense, the Pats’ defense only allowed six points in the second half and the offense then ran away with the game. The Patriots have not lost a game since Brady’s “Deflategate” suspension return, and I do not see how they will lose another game. The Pats are back in action against Rex Ryan and his Buffalo Bills for hopefully another interesting game.

Until then, we can bask in the fact that the Pats are 6-1 and remain number one in the American Football Conference East.

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