Across the country, sightings of “creepy” clowns have driven the social media world, as well as many communities, into a frenzy.

Videos, sightings and photos have popped up on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram.

Recently, even the KSC community was affected when a twitter account tweeted a claim that one such clown was on campus.

Director of Strategic Communications and Community Relations Kelly Ricaurte gave a statement on behalf of Campus Safety, stating Campus Safety worked closely with the Keene Police Department, conducting a full investigation about the claims made on social media.

No evidence of any clown was found.

Ricaurte urged students to stay put and report any claims, on social media or otherwise, to Campus Safety.

Students should not to try and follow or investigate claims made on social media.

“At this point, and I believe the Sentinel reported on this as well, Keene Police and the Campus Safety Department here are not overly concerned about this incident,” Ricaurte said.

Some areas around the country, however, are taking a more preventative approach in light of the panic following the abundance of online posts.

According to ABC News New Haven, Connecticut schools have put a ban on all clown costumes and “symbols of terror” during Halloween. reported that Merrimack College initiated its emergency response procedures at approximatley 9:30p.m after receiving a report of a clown on campus.

The dormitory that the alleged clown was in was evacuated and other students were ordered to shelter in place.

Later that evening around 10:15p.m, another clown was spotted at the University of New Hampshire.

The clown was reportedly yelling through a bullhorn near first year dorms.

Samantha Moore/ Art Director

Samantha Moore/ Art Director

According to, University spokesperson Erika Mantz said the clown “left the area, and police were not able to find him or her when they arrived at the scene.”

Boston CBS local reported that police Emmanuel College received “an inundation of calls” about clown sightings on campus late evening on Oct. 4.

Director of Emmanuel College Campus Safety Jack Kelly sent out an email to students saying the clown threats were not credible, CBS local reported.

KSC students have weighed in on the clown craze as well.

When asked about her feelings on the supposed clown sighting on campus, first-year Alexandra Ambrose said, “I was freaked out, but I don’t feel like I’m gonna die. I’m just gonna walk away [if I see a clown].”

Sophomore Zachary Howe said, “…I’m not really that freaked out about it. I mean I’ve read all the cases of that happening over in Mass[achusetts], things in Pennsylvania, all around the United States. There have been reports, but not really actual proof,” he said.

Both Howe and Ambrose said they are still planning on going out on Halloween weekend.

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