The Keene State athletics website received a sharp and clean new look.

On Sept. 30, Keene State College athletics launched the new look to their website. After 10 years of the previous look, the athletics department decided to redesign the overall look and functionality of their page.

Keene State athletics had a contract with an external provider for their site, Presto Sports, instead of an in-house design through Keene State College, according to the Director of Sports Information and Compliance Officer Abe Osheyack. Through this contract, the website has remained the same for seven years.

“We came to the end of our contract with Presto Sports at the end of this past academic year and we decided to renew with them,”Osheyack said.

He continued, “Included in that renewal was a redesign. So we decided to take advantage of that now with our new contract [as] a chance to redesign the website and have a whole new look for it.”

Osheyack said the redesign of the website came with some new features. Some include videos with stories and showing six preview stories on the home page instead of four, as the previous two designs showed.

“I knew we had to increase from four slots in the rotator to six,” said Osheyack. “Now that we are in part of our busy fall season, we have six teams in action and they all get the same amount of front page space.”

The new look of the website utilizes more of the official college colors, red and white, to create a much slimmer and cleaner look. Osheyack also mentioned that the website is a responsive one,  meaning it adapts to the platform you are using to view the site on.

“I like this new look, it looks sharp,” said KSC junior Sean Kiziltan. “I like how neat and organized it looks. I like how it responds with how big or small the screen. It looks nice, looks sharp.”

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