Future of certain program unknown

For many students coming into college, lots of planning and hard work is completed  before the final decision is set in stone to attend their chosen college or university.

Some may embark on their college experience having an idea in mind of what it is they’d like to pursue, and so they find themselves majoring in a certain program. For others, this is figured out along the way, and they too find themselves plugging through a program offered at their school.

However, students who’ve already delved deep into a program shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not they can complete that program at their original selected institution. They shouldn’t have to transfer to another institution or switch majors after they’ve invested so much into a program, both in terms of hard work and finances.

That may be the case for some as Keene State College’s geology programs’ faculty fades out.

KSC is looking to downsize and make budget cuts wherever possible. The geology major is no exception, but what worries some is that they won’t be able to finish the major in time.

KSC ignited the flame that is the passion these students have for their majors. It would be a shame to see the flames of these bright students burnout as the major itself turns to ash.

Some are unsure as to whether they’ll be able to receive a geology degree from KSC, have to finish it elsewhere, or have to settle for a different major here. KSC is the only school in New Hampshire that has a specified geology program.

If by chance the school was to discontinue offering this program, students would have to look out of state to find a program that suits them and their future goals.

Nothing is set in stone just yet, although some underclassmen have either had conversations or received emails urging them to rethink a different program to major in. This is not fair to do to aspiring students who’ve found their passion.

It doesn’t reflect well on a school to lure students in with majors it claims to offer, and then have students find out there are issues within the program that directly affect them and their learning experience.

However, the geology program is still around for now, despite a second tenure-track faculty member nearing retirement. One tenure-track professor had already retired last year. The question then becomes will KSC be hiring new faculty to fill their positions?

With the absence of these two tenure-track faculty members, the geology program will no longer be delivered in the same way as before. In the future, it will be different, and that then raises the question of how will it differ?

These are important questions to be asking, especially as an underclassman enrolled in the program.

For some students, the only reason they even find themselves in Keene is to be involved in this engaging program. Although the department is doing what it can at the moment, it’s still unfortunate to take into account that the geology program may no longer be offered to those future incoming students.

With both majors being unique to KSC action needs to be taken before the school dwindles down and only offers four programs to major in.

It’s not fair for students to be lured in with promises of pursuing a program to only find out that their intended major is struggling. The college originally offered these programs with the intentions of having them persist, not plummet.

*Corrections made 10/7/16 – Featured image: removed featured image that implied that the Holocaust and Genocide Studies major would be cut. Paragraph 11: corrected entire paragraph which implied that HGS major is getting cut.*

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