Flu shots important but should be optional

Updating flu vaccinations is required for some majors

It’s that time of year again for sniffling, sneezing, coughing and catching colds. Whether living in close quarters in a dorm or off campus in an apartment, evading illnesses can seem impossible.

Some may take more steps than others toward preventing getting sick. However, stocking up on Vitamin C and constantly washing hands may be great steps to take, but they won’t guarantee immunity from the many different strains of illnesses spreading around.

Most everyone catches a cold from time to time, and although those congested couple of days aren’t an ideal way to be feeling, it’s not nearly as severe as getting the flu.

Despite the many alternative or commonsensical ways in which one can remain healthy, preventing the flu is best combated with vaccinations.

Just last week Keene State College offered flu shot clinics for students, staff and faculty to come by and get vaccinated.

The flu is usually a concern for many this time of year and the college took the initiative with the convenience of offering this service right here on campus.

It’s quite nice of the college to offer this because not all students are able to drive around town to receive the flu shot elsewhere. Also by doing this awareness is being raised because the flu can spread quickly, especially with so many of us condensed on campus.

Samantha Moore / Art Director

Samantha Moore / Art Director

The flu is a legitimate concern and shouldn’t be taken lightly. A flu vaccine causes antibodies to develop within the body about 2 weeks after receiving the shot.

If one doesn’t have these antibodies then when the flu does enter their body, the body will have to take the time to develop its own antibodies to then fight off the sickness.

If one were to get the flu and not have an updated vaccination it would be as if their body if going to war against the flu with no weapons.

This in turn leads to more time spent experiencing flu-like symptoms and many feel it can be made easier with a vaccination.

Getting a flu vaccination isn’t required by law, you can either go get a shot or not. However, for some studying at Keene State College that option is not there.

They’re either required to get an annual flu vaccination or they’ll not be able to be involved with certain majors. Not all, but some majors are set up this way, like athletic training and nursing.

This may be understandable, but for students who may not believe in vaccinations their either forced to go against their beliefs or put their college career in jeopardy.

It makes complete sense for nursing majors to be encouraged to receive updated vaccinations. After all, it is something they’ll most likely be practicing after college.

However, we at the Equinox feel no student should be required to receive a flu vaccination to pursue any degree.

We don’t disagree with the many benefits vaccinations have in preventing illness, we just feel it should be the student’s choice.

A student shouldn’t have to go against their beliefs in order to major in anything. Whether they want to have their body prepared to fight off the flu or not should be their own decision.

It’s understandable to want to limit the spread of the flu this season. Remaining healthy is important and preventing the spread of illnesses is something to be aware of.

However, it should be strongly encouraged, not required. Students should have the right to decide what goes into their own bodies, regardless of their intended majors.

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