Senior Ryan Boraski starts his final season as a swimmer for the Keene State Owls, and his career so far is one for the ages.

Ryan grew up in North Attleborough, Massachusetts, and began swimming at a young age, but he said he also loved baseball and stopped swimming until his sophomore year in high school.

He continued swimming, and that led him to join the team at Keene State.

His mother, Melissa Glass, said he has been swimming since he was just six-years-old. “Ryan began swimming on the town pool summer swim team in North Attleboro when he was 6 since his sister was on the team as well as some of his friends.

She continued, “It was something for him to do since he would be at the pool anyway watching his sister,” Glass said.

Boraski has done nothing but dominate in the four years he’s been at Keene.

Tim Smith/ Photo Editor

Tim Smith/ Photo Editor

As a six time all-American, he holds school records for the 100 meter freestyle, 200 hundred meter freestyle, 100 meter individual medley , along with the 200 meter relay, 400 meter relay and the medley in both of those categories.

He also holds the record for the fastest 100 meter time for division three athletes. Boraski said, “It means a lot. [There was] definitely a lot of hard work that I put into that…there were so many swimmers that came before me that [it] makes it mean even more.”

Boraski’s mother is extremely proud of how far he has come. “I am very proud of all of Ryan’s achievements both in the pool and academically.  I have watched him work hard year-round over the past few years making many personal sacrifices to meet the goals he set for himself, in particular qualifying for the Olympic Trials last June,” Glass said.

As a junior, Boraski qualified to swim at the Olympic Trials in Omaha, Nebraska, another achievement that took a lot of hard work and meant a lot to him.

Boraski said, “It was really cool just being there, seeing all the swimmers you see on T.V. It was a lot of hard work”.

No swimmer from Keene had ever qualified to swim in the Olympic Trials before Boraski did.

Boaraski wasn’t always as dedicated his mother said.

“Ryan wasn’t always as dedicated to swim as he is now. At the beginning of middle school, he started swimming for a more competitive team for the sole purpose of getting stronger for baseball which was his primary sport at the time.”

She continued, “He hated going to the practices, but loved competing in the meets.  He left the team after that one year to focus on baseball, but returned to swimming freshman year in high school with the high school team with the encouragement of some friends that were on the team,” Glass said.

Fellow senior and teammate Nate Shepard has been swimming with Boraski for the last four years and said what he is like in the pool.

“He’s inspiring, especially this year. He’s pushing me to be the best I can be, and after him going to the Olympic Trials, it was motivation.”

Tim Smith/ Photo Editor

Tim Smith/ Photo Editor

But outside of the pool, Boraski likes to talk about anything but swimming,  “He definitely doesn’t like to talk about swimming outside of the pool. He loves talking about baseball,” Shepard said.

As he enters his last season as a swimmer at Keene, Boraski said winning an NCAA championship would be the best way in going out.

His mother believes that he will do nothing but succeed in the future because of swimming. “If Ryan puts just half the amount of effort he has put into swim during the past four years into his future endeavors, I have no doubt that he will experience many successes in life. Swim has helped Ryan to develop a good work ethic and the ability to persevere that will take him far,” Glass said.

The Owls swim team will have its next meet on Saturday, Oct. 29 at Roger Williams University.

After repeated attempts of contacting coaches, Chris Woolridge and Diana Pimer were unavailable for comment.

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