Campus Safety reported to a “clown sighting” that was posted on Twitter and Yik Yak on Monday, Oct. 3.

Shortly after midnight, Campus Safety saw a tweet from a Twitter account “Clown Watch” that stated: “Keene, N.H. On bike path near butler court at Keene State.” Campus Safety officers were immediately dispatched to the scene and the Keene Police Department (KPD) was also contacted.

Four Campus Safety officers and two KPD officers searched the area around Butler Court and did not find any suspicious activity. “No clown(s) or suspicious individuals were found at any point during this search in any area on campus,” Campus Safety stated in an e-mail to all faculty and staff.

The officers did find KSC students who were also searching for said “clowns.” The students were informed a search was being conducted and were asked to return to their residential halls.

The e-mail stated that KSC community members are “rightly concerned” about incidents like these and that sightings of this sort have happened in various states including New Hampshire.

Campus Safety encourages community members to be “vigilant and concerned,” but informed the community to not act on information like this.

“Report suspicious activity directly to Campus Safety; if second or third hand information is passed along to you, please share this information with Campus Safety as well,” Campus Safety stated.

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