Sunday marked the return of Tom Brady after his four-game suspension, and it was almost everything I had been waiting for since his suspension was announced this summer.

While there was plenty of room for improvement, Brady showed the entire National Football League (NFL) and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell what they had been missing.

The Cleveland Browns were the first stop on the New England Patriots reunion tour, and the Pats emerged victorious with a 33-13 dominant win over Cleveland.

Brady looked as though he hadn’t missed a game, throwing for three touchdowns, 406 yards and completing 28 of 40 passes in his season debut, shutting down the now 0-5 winless Browns.

I am sure Goodell was sitting and watching this game, checking his pulse every touchdown pass and thinking of a way to not allow Brady to play in another game this season.

Brady came ready, he came hot and he came out swinging, showing he had not lost his touch despite his late regular season start.

Brady was not the only one on fire however, we saw another familiar face in Rob Gronkowski who stayed around for more than a single down this week.

Gronk snatched five of the seven passes tossed to him from Brady, proving he and his quarterback still have the on-field chemistry all Pats fans have grown all too fond of.

Earlier in the week, Bill Belichick remained his cryptic self when regarding Brady playing in his first eligible game of the season, saying they would assess the situation as Sunday drew closer.

Despite Bill and his mysterious quips, there was never a doubt that Brady would play every down as quarterback as soon as his suspension was lifted.

His first game back was just a reminder of how good the Patriots’ organization is, and despite last week’s surprising shutout, the Patriots are a force to be reckoned with.

Brady is back, the Pats are number one in the American Football Conference East and football is feeling whole again.

Next stop on the reunion tour: Cincinnati.

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