On Tuesday night the Student Assembly met to discusse the Budget Request for CFON and KSC Republicans.

Carver Bosela the president of CFON talked first about the request the A cappella group had for the year. He requested that the club receives $20 dollars for printing so the group can prints posters and ads about the group. This can then allow them to let people know when they are holding events. He also asked for $100 dollars for food and $200 dollars for travel. The group is schedule to travel about six times and the $100 dollars will go to the food they will eat when away. Three cars will need to be used to bring the group to events so the $200 dollars will be used to buy gas. Bosela ended by asking for $800 dollars in professional services in this case so the group can enter into invitational competitions.

The board approved Bosela’s requested and CFON was granted its $1,120 dollars request.

The next group to step up was KSC Republicans. A member of the club requested $725 dollars. The member explained that the group helps set up rallies, bring politicians on campus, and more. Board member Joseph Barbesco asked “ What events the club has held so far?” New to the club, the member couldn’t recall anything but did say that in the past they have had Kelly Ayotte on campus. Many board members didn’t feel comfortable giving the money to the group at this point and asked that the president of the group come to the meeting next time. Board member Casey Matthews announced that they would table the budget requested and ask to meet again in two weeks.

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