The Student Assembly had their weekly meeting on Tuesday to discuss five clubs and student organization’s requests. All members of the council were present for this meeting.

The first request came from the Group Theater At Keene State College, who were requesting to become a club recognized by the college as they previously had been. This motion passed with little to no resistance.

The group formally known as the Newman organization requested to also be recognized by the college and to have their name now be the Catholic Student Organization. A representative of the group explained that this name “more accurately displayed what we’re about.” This motion also passed easily.

Next came a budget request from the Society of Physics Students, who requested $800 originally but, after the finance committee recommended only $300 be allocated, they lowered their request to $350. This request was passed and the club was allowed $350 for the fiscal year of 2017.

Another budget request came from the Yoga club, who originally requested $3,370. The committee recommended that $620 be allowed to the club. During the assembly’s discussion they decided that $840 was a more reasonable, and voted to give the club this amount.

The final motion of the meeting was a budget request from Campus Ecology. Originally they asked for $25,250 but due to a strain on the budget, the financial committee recommended only $2,200. A long discussion ensued between the assembly and representatives of the club, who puts on Solar Fest. They explained that Solar Fest alone costs $22,000 and, coinciding with accepted student’s day, attracts many new students to the college. The discussion went about half an hour and a motion had to be passed to extend it after 15 minutes. In the end the assembly reluctantly allocated $2,200 for the time being.

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