The state of New Hampshire flocked the polls for the primaries this Tuesday, September 13.

The first announcement was for U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte. Ayotte has been elected as a candidate for U.S. Senate for her second term after winning the Republican nomination.

According to WMUR, 25 precincts reported for votes. With that, Ayotte defeated opponent Jim Rubens 79 percent to 17 percent.

Others elected include Executive Councilor Colin Van Ostern who won the Democratic nomination for  governor.

According to WMUR, 30 percent of precincts reported on the Democratic side, leaving Van Ostern with 53 percent of the vote above opponents Steve Marchand  (25 percent) and Mark Connolly (20 percent).

In the race for state senate, District 10 representative Jay Kahn has won the Democratic Primary.

The Keene Sentinel reported 14 out of 15 towns voted on Tuesday, giving Kahn 2,659 votes. Opposing candidates Kris E. Roberts and Ben Tilton staggered behind; Roberts with 975 votes and Tilton with 522.

On the Republican side, the polls were very close. Councilor Chris Sununu and businessman Frank Edelbut  were neck-and-neck, only off by a couple hundred votes.

The poll for GOP governor was too close to call before this issue’s release date.

Official elections will be held on Tuesday, November 8.

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