We’re going space traveling this week people, Matthew McConaughey style, exploring all that is interstellar with ‘No Man’s Sky.’

‘No Man’s Sky’ has been one of the most anticipated video games in recent memory. It may have had the most hype of any next generation console title ever. The concept of the game is simply insane and near impossible to fathom. The player starts as a space traveler with his or her ship crashed on one of 16 quintillion unexplored planets available to explore in the game.

With an “exo-suit” or space suit, along with a multi-tool (mining tool/laser gun) and a pack, the player must survive and scavenge for the materials needed to fix the ship while exploring a mysterious and dangerous world. An even more exciting caveat to the game is that each player is dropped on a different planet than everyone else, making each player’s beginning experience specific and personal to them.

After playing the game since its release date, August 9 of this year, I believe this game deserves more credit than its been given. With endless hype behind a launching title, it’s always difficult to meet expectations. Many critical fans have called the game boring, making numerous comparisons to an overblown “Minecraft” of some kind.

I believe angered fans are misguided in their frustration and are only upset because they thought the game would provide more combat. I too was slightly disappointed that there wasn’t more laser fights, but that’s the whole point of the game. The player  controls their own experience in a limitless world.

Andrea Cuzzupe / Equinox Staff

Andrea Cuzzupe / Equinox Staff

The bottom line is that the game is more about exploring and gathering as opposed to survival, which may or may not be your cup of tea. As much as I would like more combat, like in ‘Call Of Duty’, I just can’t stop playing this game. ‘No Man’s Sky’ is like ‘Minecraft’ in the most positive way possible. It has an innate addictive quality. All I want to do is meet every alien, upgrade my gear and my ship and explore every planet in the game, regardless of how impossible that is.

I mean it; it is absolutely impossible for a mind boggling reason. ‘No Man’s Sky’ contains an algorithm that constantly  generates planets and life forms, making reaching the center of the universe (the main goal of the game) impossible.

For those still unsold, or sold and disappointed with their purchase, I would prepare for a special acronym in the gaming world called Downloadable Content (DLC). Whenever a game like this receives enough complaints, the game’s creators will usually accommodate the disgruntled with new content to download and enhance their experience.

Personally, I would be interested in that concept, but as a fan of the game, I don’t think I will need it. I am still blown away by the vastness of the game. With the ability to name new planets and life forms, it has been said by the game’s creators that more species have been named in its first week than there are species on planet earth.

‘No Man’s Sky’ could offer more gameplay, but what it already offers is intergalactic greatness as long as you are a player who likes to take a more casual and patient approach. I give this game 7.5 out of ten stars, and if you’re a vast world Role Playing Game (RPG) exploring type of gamer, ‘No Man’s Sky’ is for you.

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