Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan broke the ice on politics by coming to Keene State College. Kwan visited KSC to share her vision of P\presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. According to Clinton’s Campaign Press Secretary Victor Reyes, Kwan has travelled across the country to talk about why she endorses Secretary Clinton, and to get others to share her vision.

Kwan said she has been on the campaign trail since she finished figure skating over ten years ago and went to college to major in political science and international studies. Kwan then pursued a master’s

Tim Smith / Photo Editor

Tim Smith / Photo Editor

degree on foreign policy. It was then that her life with Clinton took off.

“I had the opportunity to work with secretary Clinton and I saw firsthand her leadership, vision and when the opportunity came about I said how can I join the campaign how can I help, where do I begin?” said Kwan. Kwan said she agreed with Clinton’s plan on issues such as climate change and women’s rights. During the campaign she urged those who attended the event to commit to voting for Clinton in November. She also shared her reasons for voting for Clinton versus Trump.

Clinton’s Campaign Press Secretary Victor Reyes who said he’s been inspired by Clinton all his life said he feels that Kwan will bring a fresh voice to the campaign. “She has the opportunity to speak up to some of the issues that secretary Clinton has been talking about on the campaign, including making sure that college is affordable for everybody who wants access to it [and] making sure that young americans have the resources that they need to succeed that they’re able to leave college.” said Reyes.

Katherine Glosser / Equinox staff

Katherine Glosser / Equinox staff

Reyes was not the only person who felt Kwan would be an asset to the campaign. KSC junior Joseph Stallcop who said he’s voting for Clinton feels that Kwan would bring a lot to the campaign. “Her publicity will help encourage and attract people to the event and she’s someone who has found great success in life and from that, has held strong to these series of values,” he said.

Michelle Kwan said the choice was clear based on Monday’s presidential debate. She said “The candidate that has the vision, that from day one, is really tackling the issues and the challenges that Americans face and fighting for an economy that’s for everyone not just those at the top.”

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