Week 1 Hot Takes

Last Sunday night marked the return of New England Patriots football.

The Pats pulled out a 23-21 win over the Arizona Cardinals in a nail-biting game, right to the last down.

If you are a football fan, you know that Tom Brady is in the midst of his four-game suspension surrounding his “guilty conviction” of the so-called “Deflategate scandal”.

We thought we were done with this issue last season, but Roger Goodell can’t seem to stay off of the superstar’s back.

The terms of Brady’s suspension are fairly harsh, considering he allegedly deflated a few footballs one time in one game.

Brady is not allowed to have any football related contact with his teammates, attend any games or practices and cannot go to any New England Patriots facilities during this time.

However, have no fear, there are two words in every football fan’s vocabulary. Some use these words as a prayer, others view them as sacrilegious. Either way, there is no mistaking that the words “Bill Belichick” will be used in vain, hatred and love all season long.

Belichick has a “backup” quarterback, some may know him as Jimmy Garoppolo, or “Jimmy G”. The problem for any team that faces the Patriots is that Belichick can do just about anything with anyone.

It’s not just that winning smile of Garoppolo’s that won over the hearts of Patriots fans in week one.

In his first start as a New England Patriots quarterback, Garoppolo converted 24 of 33 attempts for a total of 264 passing yards, according to ESPN, tossing the football to two other first game superstars: Julian Edelman and Chris Hogan..

What’s even more impressive than not having your starting quarterback is not having your tight end, Rob Gronkowski (Gronk) to receive your passes.

Gronk was out the first game with a hamstring injury, but fans are hopeful for his return in game two.

Personally, after watching this first game, I have full faith in the Patriots organization and am optimistic that Jimmy G can carry this team through the next three weeks.

With that being said, upon Brady’s return, the rest of the league better take notice. A pissed off Tom Brady is not someone to write off.

I don’t expect the Patriots to lose a game once Brady is back for good.

As for now, 1-0 and first in the American Football Conference East with a backup quarterback is just fine with me.

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