Making oatmeal from scratch is a healthier option than instant oatmeal because the typical grains used for homemade oatmeal, or steel cut rolled oats, are less processed.

This means that it will take the body more time to digest it and take in the nutrients.

This will keep blood sugars from spiking and will allow the consumer to be more full for longer!


(1 portion= about 1 cup)

Ali Fitzgerald/ Equinox Staff

Ali Fitzgerald/ Equinox Staff

½ cup steel-cut rolled oats

1 cup hot water

1 small apple- chopped

1 tablespoon cooking oil

½ teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon sugar


To kick off the meal, you’ll start with the oatmeal.

Boil the water, either in a small pot, a tea kettle or in the microwave.

Place the rolled-oats into a bowl and pour the boiling water on top.

The water level should be a little higher than the oats because they will absorb most of it.

It is important that the water is boiling so that the oats cook while sitting.

While this sits, the topping can be started.

Place a pan on warm heat with the cooking oil.

Next, dice your apple. Here you have to option to save the skin, adding nutrients and fiber to your meal, or to skin the apple first.

Toss the apples into the pan and allow them to cook until soft. This will only take a few minutes.

Add in the sugar and cinnamon and allow the apples to season in the sweet sauce.

Continue stirring until well-mixed and apples are cooked to liking.

Finally, pour the apple mixture over the oatmeal and enjoy your meal!


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