Contributed photo from Cody Dube

Contributed photo from Cody Dube

Most kids only dream of growing up and playing the game they love. For one Keene State College alumnus, this dream became a reality.

Recently, Cody Dube was drafted in the 10th round at the MLB Draft by the Baltimore Orioles, who later assigned him to their Class A Affiliate, the Aberdeen Ironbirds.

Dube is a 2016 graduate from Keene State College where he pitched 67.2 innings in his senior season with an earned run average (ERA) of 1.20.

According to, Dube has pitched a total of 11 games with an (ERA) of 2.54. Being drafted by a Major League Baseball team is quite the feat for a college athlete, but Dube remains humble and respectful.

Former teammate and close friend of Dube, Billy Hartmann said, “I FaceTimed him one time, and he picked up and he was literally 45 minutes from start and he didn’t even tell me, but that’s because he’s a humble kid.”

The Aberdeen Ironbirds play a short season and the right-handed pitcher is gearing up to head back north as the season comes to a close.

“I pitched eleven games this season, and we actually have a short season, so I’ll be headed home,” Dube said.

Despite the short season, Dube was able to make it up to Lowell, MA, where his local friends could catch a game.

The Lowell Spinners are a Class A Affiliate of the Boston Red Sox.

“I got chills watching him play. It seemed surreal seeing him out there,” Hartmann said. But for Dube, playing in the minor leagues doesn’t feel too different.

“The only real difference is the atmosphere. It is a lifestyle now, and it’s what everyone cares about and thinks about all the time; it’s what matter to all of the players. Instead of it being a hobby, it’s everyone’s life,” Dube said.

At this level of play, baseball is what these athletes spend their time doing.

Contributed photo from Cody Dube

Contributed photo from Cody Dube

There aren’t classes, internships or jobs to tend to. Baseball becomes a full-time commitment.

Dube has pitched a total of 28.1 innings with a record of three wins and one loss according to

“He never was one of those kids to say, ‘Yeah I want to play professionally,’ but I knew he was good enough to go there, and the first time it resonated with me was when we were in conversation at practice and our coach told him the Phillies’ guy was coming,” Hartmann said.

Not only has this been about athletics for Dube, it has been a new learning experience.

“It is cool to play with other guys at this level. You learn so much just from talking to the other players,” Dube said.

As with all new beginnings, there are some transitions that take place.

“From a pitching standpoint, you can’t make very many mistakes when you’re on the mound because the hitters will hit those, but it has been really fun,” Dube said.

Dube has been able to play at this caliber because of hard work and dedication to the game.

Dube’s former head coach Ken Howe said, “I wish I could take credit for it, but Cody got to where he is because of his natural talent and his work ethic.”

As for what’s next for Cody as the end of the season draws near, he said, “I will be home for a week and then to Florida for a month of instructional league. After that, I’ll be home to workout for the off-season.”

As a young adult fresh out of college; it can be easy to get wrapped up in the work of it, and it’s even easier to forget why he started the game in the first place.

“My advice to Cody would be to enjoy it; have fun,” Coach Howe said.

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