Calling all swing state students

The need for swing state students to vote in the presidential election

With the presidential election just over a month away, we’re getting down to the wire in terms of who will lead our country for the next four years. Whether politics interests or annoys you, it’s more important now than ever to wake up and realize the future is in our hands.

It’s okay if you don’t care about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, but we all should care about what happens to the country we live in because a big change will occur after the presidential election on November 8th.

For those who reside in swing states, such as New Hampshire, voting matters even more. This is especially true for those of us who make up the younger demographics of college students.

New Hampshire has many colleges for the size of the state, and as a result, many out-of-state students could play a huge role in swinging an election one way or another. It’s also pretty simple to register. Just bring two forms of identification to the polls, a piece of mail sent to your current address, fill out a form and you’re ready to enter a voting booth.

We shouldn’t leave it up to others to decide our future. For those of us in college, this election will affect us more so than those generations older than us. Pretty soon, we’ll embark on our own life journeys after school.

Samantha Moore /  Art Director

Samantha Moore /
Art Director

What kind of country do you want to live in once that degree is in hand? Ask yourselves that and reconsider registering to vote. Don’t let others decide for you. Decide for yourself and cast a ballot. It’s not cliché; every vote really and truly does matter.

However, not all of these students are actively following the election. Some may even see not voting as an act of rebellion. Not only is this an ignorant way of thinking, but it’s just flat out wrong.

By not casting a vote, you’re suppressing your own wants and needs. If rebellion and sticking it to the man sounds like something you’re into, then vote!

Voting is how changes are enacted, and clearly our country needs change in numerous areas – from racial tensions to wealth distribution and much in between. If you’re passionate about a social issue and want to see a solution, then make your voice a contribution toward that change.

Sitting around won’t change anything, but taking less than an hour from your day to check off a ballot could alter the future of our country.

As it is, we’re lucky enough to even have the opportunity to vote. Don’t take democracy for granted,, if you’re one of the many young adults studying in the Granite State.

To narrow in on those studying in the swing state of New Hampshire, let’s look at the leverage students have here at Keene State in altering this election. The city of Keene has a population just over 20,000. If we subtract those under the age of 18 who aren’t eligible to vote and compare that number to Keene State College’s student population, roughly  one third, give or take, of Keene’s eligible voters are students. Do you still think your vote doesn’t matter?

This upcoming election could quite possibly be the most historic ever. However, voting shouldn’t just be done every four years when it comes time to boot out the old president and elect a new one. It should be something we want to engage on the state level and even a town level.

Bills and policies are constantly talked of at your city hall meetings. What goes on in your own town or city should matter to you, especially if you’re reading this as a student.

The closer you get to true adulthood, the more you should want to pay attention to what’s going on around you. It’s going to directly affect you sooner or later, so don’t wait. Wake up, pay attention and get involved. It’s never too late.

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