Keene State’s A cappella group, Chock Full O’ Notes (CFON), performed at multiple events on campus last week.

The group of vocalists performed at the Spring Carnival on Thursday, as well their annual spring concert Saturday afternoon at the Alumni Recital Hall.

Chock Full O’ Notes music director Brendan Hoar said, “We’d figure we’d have a big fall concert and a big spring concert this year. We’ve been so busy playing a lot of different events around campus. We sang at the carnival yesterday, and we sang at the RedFern Coffee house. All the people in the art department came together and we played for them; it was really cool.”

The group performed on Appian Way for the Spring Carnival.

Tim Smith / Photo Editor

Tim Smith / Photo Editor

“The energy they have is very present. It’s apparent that they are having fun on stage,” said Keene State Junior Tom Kendrick. “The song that stood out to me was their rendition of ‘Hollow’ by Tori Kelly.”

Chock Full O’ Notes sings a wide variety of material and often makes each performance unique.

“We usually do pop songs, current songs. We have six new songs that we’re going to perform tomorrow. I love them all, especially because they are all arranged by new members…we have this James Bond medley that was arranged by a new member which is probably going to be our favorite,” said Hoar.

The group of vocalists performs only student-arranged musical pieces and will often combine versions of songs with one another.

“Every song we do is either arranged by somebody in CFON or somebody who’s  been in CFON,” said CFON vocalist and KSC sophomore Erin Conti.

“We vote on new arrangements, then we just start learning them by sharing our parts. Then we learn it one rehearsal, and try to perfect it the next one.”

“What makes CFON so great is that it’s a [group] of people with different backgrounds and different music tastes, different ages and we come together well. If you like music at all, go for it,” said Hoar.

The 13 piece vocal group is largely made up of non-music majors, and all students are welcome to come and audition for the group.

Savannah Hobbes / Equinox Staff

Savannah Hobbes / Equinox Staff

“If this is something you want to do; go for it. If [this] is something you love, come audition. Even if you don’t get in, don’t regret at least trying…last year we had a total of 75 people who auditioned. A significant number of them got in, but it’s very fulfilling,” said Hoar.

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