Workout Intro

Welcome to weekly workout number six of the semester. This week we will be working on arms. Remember to eat healthy, train hard and study hard.

Exercise: Dumbbell Shrugs

Exercise: Dumbbell Shrugs

As usual warmup and cool down with 15 minutes of cardio.

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Weekly Health Tips

I tried some new things in the dining common this week that I thought I would share! These are also easy to make at home.

Breakfast: Whole wheat bread, with two eggs and your choice of cheese. (I like mine over easy, with feta.)

Lunch: Mixed green salad – lately I have been putting pieces of butternut squash on top of my salad and it is delish! Also add pecans, walnuts and other sources of protein.

Exercise: Pushups

Exercise: Pushups

Dinner: Fish has a lot of vitamins to offer. Try eating salmon with squeezed lemon and mixed vegetables on the side such as broccoli, brussel sprouts and asparagus. (Salmon is a great source of vitamin B12 and vitamin D.)

Snacking: A great snack that can curve a sweet craving is peanut butter and celery. If not celery, try carrots.

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Exercise: Dumbbell Shrugs

  • HOW TO: 
    Exercise: Behind The Back Barbell Shrug

    Exercise: Behind The Back Barbell Shrug

    • While standing up straight hold a dumbbell in each hand. (You want to use a heavier set of dumbbells for this exercise.)
    • Slowly and controllably shrugs your shoulders up and come back down.
    • You want to do this exercise slowly because it will work your shoulders well.

Exercise: Pushups

  • HOW TO:
    • Do a slow controlled push up.
    • For this exercise you want to do this five times for 20 reps.

Exercise: Behind The Back Barbell Shrug

  • HOW TO:
    • While standing straight up either use a small barbell or a regular size barbell if you want to add more than the weight barbell options.
    • Place the bar behind you and shrug the bar just like to would shrug a dumbbell.

      Exercise: Skull Crushers

      Exercise: Skull Crushers

    • Remember do this exercise slowly because it will be more effective.

Exercise: Skull Crushers

  • HOW TO:
    • Lay down on a flat exercise bench.
    • While using the listed equipment, place it behind your head while holding it. (This will be your starting position.)
    • Slowly bring the weight above your head.
    • You want to go slow with this exercise because it can be an advanced exercise.

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