Workout Intro

Welcome to weekly workout five. By now we are getting pretty deep into the semester, so I hope everyone’s semester is going well. This exercise will be targeting shoulders. As usual, warmup and cool down with 15 minutes of cardio.

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Exercise 1: Standing Barbell Overhead Press 

Exercise 1: Standing Barbell Overhead Press

Exercise 1: Standing Barbell Overhead Press

  • HOW TO:
    • Use a small barbell that you can do comfortable controlled repetitions with.
    • While standing straight up, press the barbell upward above your head.
    • Bring the barbell down back to your chest once you have gone straight up with the bar.
    • Try not to push with your legs, just use your arms to make it more challenging.

Exercise 2: Dumbbell Side Raise

  • HOW TO:
    • Standing straight up while holding the dumbbells by your side.
    • Lift the dumbbell to shoulder height and bring back down.

      Exercise 2: Dumbbell Side Raise

      Exercise 2: Dumbbell Side Raise

Weekly Health Tips

This week I decided to skip the weekly meal plan and just give a few helpful tips for all of you trying to eat healthy. The one thing I always struggle with is eating carbs. You will get mixed responses from people as if they are not good for you. The truth is carbs stimulate hunger and also spike your blood sugars which is why you tend to eat more. So as much as they can be good for you, it’s all about how much you eat. With that being said, if you decide to eat carbs in your meal such as pasta, eat it with some sort of protein in it like chicken or steak to help tell your body it is actually full instead of eating just pasta with sauce.

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