“Going Greek” is only one of the several ways to get involved here on Keene State College’s campus and has been a rewarding experience for many women that have joined sororities. Recruitment events have been underway, begging the Spring semester by bringing new members into the Greek community.

According to KSC junior and elementary education and English major Morgan McGurn, Greek life as a whole is amazing.

McGurn joined Phi Sigma Sigma the second semester of her first year at KSC.

“My nervousness went away quickly because everyone was really welcoming and inviting. I went to the first recruitment event and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to join a sorority because I wasn’t really the sorority girl. I kept going back though and I just felt like I really belonged there,” McGurn said.

George Amaru / Art Director

George Amaru / Art Director

McGurn said that her reason for wanting to join Phi Sigma Sigma was so she could have a home away from home.

McGurn said, “We [Phi Sigma Sigma] try to tell everyone to go [to recruitment] wherever they want so they can meet people in the different sororities; you know, try everything out. We come up with different games and icebreakers to try and make the girls feel like they’re comfortable. We don’t want to make them feel nervous.”

McGurn said that Phi Sigma Sigma strives for school and college readiness. The sorority raises money to help girls who cannot afford to go to college or are the first ones to go to school in their families. She also added that last semester the sorority collected box tops to give to local schools.

McGurn mentioned, “Phi Sig itself is just unique. We don’t try to be a stereotypical sorority. We want girls from all different backgrounds, girls from all different home lives and girls who can bring so many different things to our sorority. We don’t want the same person multiplied in the sorority.”

One student who said she plans to add to Phi Sigma Sigma is first-year and elementary education major Kelsey Harper.

Harper plans to rush Phi Sigma Sigma because she said she feels that the girls in the sorority connect with her on a different level and she appreciates all of their honesty, support and positivity.

By joining Phi Sigma Sigma, Harper said she hopes to “gain new friendships and to do more community service while getting involved. Basically what I want to do here at Keene State is get involved and be around other people and learn about them.”

Harper said she is very excited about what’s ahead with this new experience and that she knows it will be a great one.

“All these girls are so awesome in Phi Sig and they’re all so friendly so I think more people should go Greek,” Harper said.

Apart of Delta Phi Epsilon is Sophomore and psychology major Jenna Barton who went Greek and experienced the recruitment process this past fall semester for her sorority Delta Phi Epsilon.

“I decided to join Greek Life because I wanted a family away from home and also just the community that I knew would always be there to support me. I also wanted to socialize and meet new people,” Barton said.

Barton described the recruitment process as fun and said that getting to meet all the different organizations was cool because everyone has a “unique vibe.” She also added that all the organizations have different philanthropies, so it was interesting getting to know the different girls and meeting everyone.

Of recruiting new members, Barton said, “We [Delta Phi Epsilon] get our name out there by making lots of flyers. We have boards all down Appian Way and we just try to post everywhere to get our name out there. Then the recruitment events are helpful because people get to come meet us and see what we’re about.”

Barton said being apart of Greek life has given her a good support system. “My sisters are always there to support me to be the best person that I can and I think that’s the best thing that I have gotten out of it so far,” Barton said.

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