Keene State College senior and  mens’s swim team member Ethan Etheridge faces felony assault charges in an alleged brawl that happened after police responded to a loud party  at 12:30 a.m on Sunday, December 13 according to the Keene Sentinel.

There were an estimated 200 people in a house on Elliot Street. When Police arrived at the house Etheridge and others were asked to leave according to Keene Police Department Lt. Jason Short Etheridge did not want to cooperate and shoved an officer.

When police attempted to take him into custody Lt. Short said the situation turned into a “melee.”

“This kid was fighting rather viciously and he ended up at some point getting his arms around one of the officer’s necks,” Short said in the article featured in the Sentinel.

KSC Assitant Swim Coach Diana Pimer said, “ I do not know much about the situation so at this time I do not feel like I have enough knowledge to comment.”

Keene Police said the officers suffered minor injuries and that Etheridge will allegedly face second-degree assault, a felony, as well as disorderly conduct charges and resisting arrest and multiple counts of simple assault.

Etheridge was being held at the Cheshire County jail in Keene and was arraigned in 8th Circuit Court District Division in Keene on December 14.

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