Donald Trump’s recent appearance at Keene High School brought a number of different spectators, including those who support Trump in the upcoming election.

Some audience members shouted and applauded when Trump first walked in and continued to do so throughout his speech.

Trump discussed many issues he wanted to tackle if elected, including tax reduction and immigration. There were many audience members who supported his ideas.

Keene resident Ed Csenge was among those in attendance and said that he agrees with Trump’s positions on the issues he touched upon.

“Those are the things that need to be done in this country and they’ve needed to be done for a long time. However, the previous administrators have ignored it. He will put together the proper team. He’s a businessman, you can’t be as successful as he is. He’s a superstar in business. You can’t do that alone. You have to build successful people around you to get those kind of results, not idiots,” Csenge said.

Keene resident Edson DeAngelis said, “I agreed with all of his issues because they are well thought out. I think he will do his best to accomplish them and I think he will put us on the right track to get ourselves where we should be.”

A number of Trump supporters said they were impressed with his ideas.

Photo editor / Tim Smith

Photo editor / Tim Smith

“I think he’s terrific. Tonight impressed me more than I had been impressed in the past. I think he’s honest, I think he cares about the country, I think he cares about bringing the country’s position back to where it should be, and I think he’s the most qualified person to make it happen. The others talk a lot and they don’t accomplish much,” DeAngelis said.

DeAngelis continued, “I thought of him favorably and much more so after tonight and I think most of the crowd feels the same way.”

Supporters also discussed why they thought Trump should become the next president.

Keene resident and Trump supporter Ginger DeAngelis said “Trump should become president to get us out of the mess we are in, to get us out of debt and get real leadership in the White House.”

Ginger continued, “I think his plans are logical because of his proven track record. I love the fact that he doesn’t have money from lobbyists and supporters. He doesn’t try to be politically correct. He says it like it is.”

Some supporters stated why they thought Trump could help the debt crisis in America.

Keene resident and Trump supporter Peter Forcier said that he likes Trump because of his ability to get himself out of debt. “He’s been in debt multiple times and he’s gotten himself out which seems to be the American way. Most mortgage companies want to see you build up a lot of debt and show you how to get out of it and he’s certainly done that,” Forcier said.

Supporters said that if Trump is elected he will make it a better world for the younger generation.

“I’m seventy years old, it’s not going to make much of a difference in my life what happens, but for young people, if this country implodes, what are you going to have left? We will be a second or third world country and the people won’t have food and opportunities and education because money will be chaos. I think someone like Trump can get more done and do his best job for the country,” DeAngelis said.

A variety of news outlets were covering the event at the back of the auditorium, ranging from CNN and NBC to smaller outlets including NH1 News and the Keene Sentinel.

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