Carly Fiorina (Republican)

Personal Information: 

Carly Fiorina (Republican)

Carly Fiorina (Republican)

Born: September 6, 1954 (age 61)

             Austin, TX

Alma Mater: M.I.T. Sloan School of Management

Spouse: Frank Fiorina

Children: Traci, Lori Ann (stepdaughters)

Positions Held:

– CEO of Hewlett-Packard

– Chairman for CIA’s External Advisory Board

– Consultant for 2008 John McCain campaign

Campaign Views:

Environment: Wants to use every energy source.

“We also need to use every source of energy we have, including nuclear power and natural gas to reduce our dependence on oil from other countries.”

Agrees with the Keystone Pipeline.

Marijuana: Against both recreational and medicinal.

“Marijuana is a very complex chemical substance now, we don’t understand how it interacts with other drugs, we don’t understand what it does to your body.” said the interaction claim was incorrect.

LGBT: Against same-sex marriage.

“I do believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, but also have been consistent and clear that I support civil unions for gay and lesbian couples”.

Opposed Employment Non-Discrimination Act that would protect LGBT employees.

Education: Believes government accreditation causes loan cost increases.

Feels colleges and student loans should be a competitive industry.

Jobs: Against increasing the minimum wage.

“Raising the minimum wage will hurt those who are looking for entry-level jobs.”

Believes cutting taxes and regulations will help create jobs.

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